Parish Council Notices

Dear Councillor

You are hereby summoned to attend a meeting of the St Goran Parish Council on Thursday 2nd November 2017 at The Old School Rooms at 7.30pm.

Members of the public are invited to attend as there will be the usual adjournment at the start of the meeting to allow members of the public present who are residents in the Parish to express their views on any subject.

Signed:                                                    Date: 27th October 2017
1     Apologies

2 (a) Declarations of Interest

   (b) Gift Declarations

   (c) Consideration of Written Requests for Dispensations

3     Public Session

4     Minutes of the Council Meeting of 5th October 2017

5     Matters Arising

       5.1 Beach Cleaning and Beach Waste Collection

       5.2 Parish Nurse

       5.3 Slipway Extension

5.4 Canton Street Garages – Planning Enforcement Conclusion

5.5 Gorran Green Meeting

6     Committee Reports

       6.1 Footpaths

6.2 Beach

6.3 General Purposes (Cemetery)

6.4 Public Convenience

7     Correspondence

       7.1 Cornwall Council – Portmellon Road Closure

       7.2 St Austell and Mevagissey Network Panel – Meeting Notes & Next

Meeting Date

       7.3 Cornwall Council – Cornwall Preventing Extremism and Terrorism

Conference 2017

       7.4 Newsletters

7.5 Any further correspondence received prior to the meeting – Information


8     Planning Matters

       PA17/09310: Mr N Parkhouse, Treveor Farm Gorran. Erection of agricultural

building for machinery storage

Full Application

PA17/09632: Mr Holland, Tanglewood, Portheast Way.Works to various Ash,

Spruce, Alder and Prunus Trees subject to a Tree Preservation Order

Tree Preservation Order

PA17/09576: Mr Martin White, 9 Trelispen Park Replacement Garage

Full Application

PA17/09536: Dave Welch, Harbours Reach, Canton Street. Change of use

from Café with B and B and part residential to full residential

Full Application

PA17/09683: Mrs Thelma Colman, Cottesloe, Bell Hill. Fell a Cypessus and a

Macrocarpa Leylandii covered by a Tree Preservation Order

Tree Preservation Order

Planning Decision PA17/08847 Brambledene

Seaview International PA17/06001 Meeting

Any Further Applications Received prior to Meeting

8.1 Cornwall Council Planning Decisions


9     Bills for Payment & Budget Review

10   Tourist Brochure 2018/2019

11  Parish Problems



Mr Paul Grose



St Austell


PL26 6HN

01726 843156

Date of the next full meeting of the Council: Thursday 7th December 2017


Mrs Lesley Pothecary



St Austell


PL26 6HW

01726 842498