Parish Council Minutes


MINUTES OF A MEETING of the St Goran Parish Council held on 2nd
November 2017 in the Old School Rooms at 7.30pm, with Dr Dunne in the Chair.

Present were Messrs Ayres, Bulled, Bunney, G Husband, Lobb, White, Dr Dunne, Ms Lobb, Mrs Hart, County Councillor Mustoe and two members of the public.


Mr Grose


Mr Lobb – 5.3 GHHT Slipway.

Mrs Hart – Planning, PA17/09632 Tanglewood






A member of the public questioned whether the PC was predetermined and bias towards the planning application PA17/07052, Meadowside, erection of 20 dwellings (11 affordable and 9 open market). A member of the PC confirmed that Councillors had used the planning portal prior to the meeting to facilitate thorough consideration of all the many documents and individual concerns raised, relating to this planning application. The public should be assured that the PC therefore considered the application on its merits. The AONB comments were discussed and reflected on. The Planning Officer reported that the impact on the AONB of the Seaview planning proposal would be minimal and thought the affordable housing development would have a greater impact. Another member of the PC stated that there were many different opinions in the Parish regarding the proposed development. A PC member reported that CC now have a preference for green field sites rather than infill sites, where infills have proved to be too small and impact on the size of houses that can be offered. CC Mustoe reported that this planning application would be a very long detailed process and CC should take all the PC’s comments into consideration, including concerns regarding sewage. The application could currently be withdrawn and revised if required, to enable it to meet CC planning’s requirements.

The PC then went into the formal session.

It was Agreed to move planning forward on the Agenda.


PA17/09310: Mr N Parkhouse, Treveor Farm, Gorran. Erection of agricultural building for machinery storage

Full Application

The PC were unable to comment given a lack of information on the application.

PA17/09632: Mrs Holland,Tanglewood, Portheast Way. Works to Ash, Spruce, Alder and Prunus Trees subject to a Tree Preservation Order.

Tree Preservation Order

Support – Mrs Hart no vote

PA17/09576: Mr Martin White, 9 Trelispen Park  Replacement garage.

Full Application


PA17/09536: Dave Welch, Harbours Reach, Canton Street. Change of use from Café with B and B and part residential to full residential.

Full Application


PA17/09683: Mrs Thelma Colman, Cottesloe, Bell Hill Fell a Cypessus and a Macrocarpa Leylandii covered by a Tree Preservation Order

Tree Preservation Order


PA17/09905: Mr and Mrs Parkhouse, Treveor Farm, Gorran Change of use from agricultural land to provide extension to existing campsite.

Full Application


PA17/10107: Dr Barbara Vann, Willowmead, Rice Lane. Removal of willow tree subject to tree preservation order.

Tree Preservation Order


PA17/08630: Mr and Mrs Fullerton, Cotna House, Cotna Lane Listed Building Consent for a proposed 2.5 metre single storey extension to existing kitchen extension.

Listed Building Consent


Planning PA17/08847 Brambledene

The Planning Officer recommended this application for refusal, due to 3 online objections being received after the PC’s comment of support.

The PC agreed to disagree.

A resident had intended to put forward their representation to the PC regarding this planning application, but weren’t informed by CC of the application until after the meeting. Therefore, the meeting was held with no opportunity for the Parish Councillor’s to hear what they thought. They are frustrated about the situation where neighbours receive planning application notifications, without time or opportunity to contact those who represent the Parish. They asked the PC to inform them of any practical steps they could draw up to counter the problem?.

The PC to determine whether to defer a late planning application, at each Parish meeting, to allow members of the public time, to comment.

County Councillor Mustoe to raise this issue with CC.

The Clerk to ask the resident to contact Councillor Mustoe and to report the issue to the relevant Planning Officer. Agreed

Seaview International PA17/06001

The Planning Officer confirmed the outcome of his meeting with the divisional member and the parish Council last Friday.

The Parish Council and the Divisional Member appreciated the benefits to the tourism economy from all year-round occupancy of the site and the potential employment benefits.  Notwithstanding the existing use of the site, there were however concerns in respect of the impact upon the designated AONB.  Given this, the following requests were made:

The external colour of the units will be of particular importance to reduce landscape impact. A condition should be imposed to this effect.

Some of the units that have recently been placed on the site have resulted in increased levels to provide better views. There should be no increase on the existing levels of the land to accommodate the units.

A key consideration in respect of reducing the impact upon the AONB will be the landscaping scheme. Further details will also be required for the design of the internal hedges and planting to further reduce the visual impact of the units. The planning officer would recommend further liaison with the landscape architect in respect of suitable species that would survive in this locality and provide a native robust and dense landscaping scheme for the hedges

The planning officer asked for an agreement to an extension of time on the application until 30th November to allow for a committee decision if necessary and to give time for liaison with the Parish Council and Divisional Member. Noted

Cornwall Council Planning decisions

PA17/08629: Mr and Mrs Fullerton, Cotna House                                           Approved

PA17/08126: David Bullbeck, 15 Perhaver Park                                             Approved


In the Public Session – The PC responded that, this was not the primary reason for the previous refusal. Was replaced with –  A member of The PC responded that, this was not the primary reason for the previous refusal

The minutes were then Agreed


5.1 Beach Cleaning and Beach Waste Removal

Since this year, CC have no longer paid for the removal of the beach waste from the Limekiln, with the cost being transferred to the PC. Due to this additional cost, the PC have decided to look into ways of reducing beaching cleaning costs.

A notice to be placed in the Parish Magazine, inviting the public to attend if they are interested in discussing this matter.

The beach cleaning co-ordinator to be informed.

The National Trust to be informed. Agreed

5.2 Parish Nurse

The PCC thank the PC for their encouraging response to their proposal to appoint a Parish Nurse. Noted

5.3 Slipway Extension

The GHHT thank the PC for their positive response to their slipway extension proposal and the ‘offer’ of a donation (should this be required). Following a meeting of the Gorran Haven Harbour Trustees it was felt that as the slipway was currently not fit for purpose when the sand was washed away they would ask if the PC would possibly of contact the Duchy to see if they would look into it. There are a lot of ‘if’s and buts’ surrounding any work on the beach so it maybe that this proposal is dropped completely.

The PC to contact the Duchy once GHHT have confirmed they are going to carry out the project. Agreed

5.4 Canton Street Garages – Planning Enforcement Conclusion

Planning Enforcement Concluded that it has been established that the garages are to be used by the owners as a garage/boat store and workshop for maintenance of their boat, which would not constitute a material change of use of the building.  Further to this and in summary it has been considered that the works undertaken to the building so far, including the installation of an additional opening/access point to the side elevation gable end of the building, does not appear to cause significant harm or detract from the character or appearance of the building or streetscene to warrant further enforcement action at this time and the enforcement file has been closed accordingly.  The matter concerning the stability of the building and the works compliant with Building Regulations has been forwarded to Building Control for consideration under their remit.

The PC to monitor the site to ensure all conditions are adhered to. Agreed

5.5 Gorran Green Meeting

The meeting with Heligan went well and they had some good ideas for planting scheme. Heligan intend to produce a sketch of suggested planting and forward for discussion at the Dec meeting

The Christmas Lights Committee asked if the PC still intend to erect a framework on which to place the Christmas lights this year? They have been given to understand that it might be that the PC would be willing to purchase a cut tree to place on the Green this year. The Committee think this would be a wonderful idea and look forward to hearing from the PC with their plans.

The PC to donate £100 towards a cut tree and to ask the Committee if they are happy to take on the project. Agreed

Further Matters Arising

The Limekiln Access

The Limekiln Trust sent a copy of their proposal to install a handrail along the side of the steps to the Limekiln. Noted


6.1 Footpaths.

It was suggested that the NT replace the tape with rope where the path has been diverted near Penamane point.

The Clerk to contact the NT. Agreed

The hedges either side of the road leading from the Gruda to Penare are still overgrown.

To be reported to Highways. Agreed

The diversion on footpath No 1 is working well. Noted

The Withy trees at the bottom of the slips footpath are beginning to grow onto the path. Noted

Trees on both sides are growing into the road between Bodrugan straights and Scotland Woods and the road surface is poor. To be reported to Highways. Agreed

The Maintenance Contractor to paint the footpath sign at the bottom of the Portmellon path. Agreed

6.2 Beach.

The bin liners and separation buoys have been delivered Noted

6.3 General Purposes

The path has been regravelled and the gravel will be topped up once the path has been trodden in. Noted

6.4 Public Convenience

The PC were asked if they could possibly fit a toilet seat on the disabled toilet.

The PC felt it would be a better idea to raise funds to replace the whole toilet. Agreed

House By The Beach will be happy to donate £200 again next year. They do intend to advertise in the toilets next year, but failed to do so year. Noted

The Cleaning Contractor will clean the woodwork and gullies this month. Noted

According to USwitch there are currently 25 different water suppliers and suppliers are responsible for all customers in an agreed geographical region and customers are currently unable to switch from one water supplier to another. Noted

Cornwall Autism Partnership kindly request to have small plaques put up in all public conveniences in Cornwall. The idea is to promote awareness of Autism in Cornwall and to give a warning to Autistic people regarding the noise levels.

The PC to install one plaque in each toilet. Agreed

The carpark donated £200 towards the toilets from their booksales.

A thank you notice to be put in the Parish magazine. Agreed

The PC to investigate why the light in the gents are staying on all day. Agreed


7.1 Cornwall Council – Portmellon Road closure

Bodrugan Hill & Bodrugan Broadlane, Portmellon will be closed between 14th to 21st November 2017 (19:00 to 07:00 hours) to allow South West Water to carryout works to their apparatus Noted

7.2 St Austell and Mevagissey Network Panel – Meeting Notes & Next Meeting Date

Notes from the last network panel meeting. The next meeting is due to be held on 13th December 2017. Noted

7.3 Cornwall Council – Cornwall Preventing Extremism and Terrorism Conference 2017

An invitation to this year’s Cornwall Preventing Violent Extremism & Terrorism Conference, due to be held in Penzance on 13th November. Noted

Newsletters, Rural Services Weekly News Digest, Localism Newsletter, Neighbourhood Planning October E-Bulletin, CALC Monthly Newsletter, Planning October Newsletter Noted

Cornwall Council – Cornwall Minerals Safeguarding Development Plan

Notice of Submission of the Cornwall Minerals Safeguarding Development Plan Document to the Secretary of State.

In accordance with regulation 22(3) of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012, Cornwall Council submitted the Cornwall Mineral Safeguarding Development Plan Document to the Secretary of State on 26th October 2017 for independent examination. Noted

Cliff Road is due to be resurfaced by Highways Noted


                           PAYMENTS                                                                           RECEIPTS

AJH Services Toilet Cleaning        £354.56            Mrs Park Toilet donation            £200.00

S Spence Grasscutting                £669.06     House by the Beach Tourist brochure£60.00

SWW  July & Aug Water chrg £1,340.59        Donation boxes Toilet donation        £157.43

Broxap   Bin Liners Reid            £192.00        Grant Reid    Tourist Brochure           £30.00

Mrs LCV Pothecary Clerks salary    £433.29

Mrs LCV Pothecary Clerks Expenses £59.66

Mrs LCV Pothecary Clerks Purchases £27.40

TOTAL  £3,076.56                                   TOTAL £447.43

All the Bills for September have been paid. Agree to pay the bills for October. The Clerk presented the actual receipts and payments to date, which were compared with the yearly budget. Agreed

10. Tourist Brochure

It was resolved to print 4,000 copies of the 2018/19 tourist brochure at a cost of £417.84 and to charge £30 per single advert Agreed

12. Parish Problems

Highways to be requested to replace the cats eyes that were removed when the Highlanes were resurfaced many years ago. Agreed

It was confirmed that the PC had given loans to the Playing Field Trust and the CLT. Noted

The PC to monitor the cliffs under fort cottages in case of any further sewage leaks. Agreed

The Low Carbon Fund along with CC are due to hold a recycling event at the Memorial Hall to clarify what can be recycled and to promote recycling. Noted

The meeting closed at 9.20pm



MINUTES OF A MEETING of the St Goran Parish Council held on 6th
October 2017 in the Old School Rooms at 7.30pm, with Dr Dunne in the Chair.

Present were Messrs Bulled, Bunney, G Husband, Lobb, White, Dr Dunne, Ms Lobb, Mrs Hart and nineteen members of the public.


Mr Grose, Mr Ayres and County Councillor Mustoe

Mr Bunney was elected as Vice Chair for the meeting.


Mr Lobb – 7.2 GHHT Beach Slipway Extension.






A member of the public questioned what affordable housing actually meant? and felt that the proposed site would most likely be high in value; thus making the houses high in value. He stated that the houses in the Mevagissey development, increased in price and asked why we hadn’t been given a sales price, for the proposed affordable homes?. The PC reported that they hadn’t been given a price and another member of the public felt that the developer should have some idea of a value, following their viability assessment work. She accepted that affordable homes were needed, but questioned whether anyone had researched whether members of the public could afford them? The PC reported that their 2013 housing needs survey concluded that; 20 people wanted an affordable home. Some people may never be able to afford to buy, so the parishes needs are for affordable rentals and part rent, part buy. A member of the public stated that he had recently heard that it is difficult to raise a mortgage to purchase a part rent, part buy home. Another member of the public felt it was not for the public to decide, whether she could afford to purchase a home and that she would prefer to work really hard to afford to stay in Gorran than move elsewhere. Another member of the public felt it would be better if a non profit organisation developed a scheme, as she is concerned that the houses won’t be affordable. The PC responded that, they will have influence over the 106 agreement and that the developer had been very forth right with the PC so far. The PC are trying to provide the best possible solution available to them, for the hardworking people of the parish. A representative from Gorran School stated that the school were very much in favour of the proposed development. The school is currently running under capacity and numbers are forecast to fall. The school would benefit from the development from the increase in students, which would directly increase their income and the 106 agreement states that a grant is paid per pupil, from the development. The school is forecasting to be running at a loss, within 3 years and is currently bringing in children from other areas, to increase the number of students. If the school’s student numbers increased, they would be able to improve their facilities and infrastructure as well as maintaining their high standards of teaching.

A member of the public stated that he currently lives in Mevagissey with his partner and new baby, but would love to have a home in the village, having grown up in the Parish, and now farming in the Parish. He would also very much like his children to attend Gorran School. He stated that it is very difficult to get a mortgage, because their funds are invested in their farming business. Another member of the public questioned whether they still need to be registered with Home Choice? The PC stated that, you need to be registered with South West Homes to be able to purchase an affordable home and with Home Choice to rent. The member of the public stated that the Home Choice register was for people in housing crisis, which made it difficult for other people to be on the list. The PC stated that they are not in the position to produce a development themselves, which would make the homes truly affordable, therefore they have to go with the next best option, that has been offered by a profit-making developer. There are no guarantees and the PC have to ensure the best way they can, that the parishes needs are met. A member of the public reported that they had lived here since 1978, and currently has a grown-up child living in a mobile home in their garden, as they don’t want to move from the village, but can’t afford a home. She questioned who will buy the houses if the locals can’t afford them? The PC responded that they would be subject to the 106 agreement and priority would be given to people with a local connection and only then offered to neighbouring parishes. A member of the public questioned the situation with the Menagwins development. She also reported that Cornwall Council have suitable land in the area, but Council Houses are no longer being built. A neighbour to the proposed development can’t believe that many people will be able to afford the homes and that the traffic would increase by about 40 cars. He was also concerned that the plans show opportunity for the site to be extended, at a later date. He felt the access would be dangerous and that the site had been refused for previous developments, for this reason. A member of The PC responded that, this was not the primary reason for the previous refusal and that the reason the access was deemed dangerous, was due to the position of the concrete wall, which the current scheme proposes to remove. The member of the public, still felt it would be dangerous for motorists pulling out of the site and was of the opinion, that traffic calming would not have enough effect, to make the area safe. He then questioned whether the current main sewage system, would have the capacity for the increase of use. The PC would have to clarify the proposed sewage system and the mix of affordable homes, after noting that the plan and the statement stated a different mix. After being asked if the affordable’s could go on the open market, if they weren’t the sold; the PC stated that they could not go on the market. Another member of the public stated that even though they could afford to pay a mortgage, they struggle to find the usual 20% deposit, required for a mortgage on an open market house, but would find the 5% required for an affordable home, a more realistic figure. The PC assured the public; when questioned that, the 106 agreement would prevent the developer selling on the scheme, whilst removing the affordable homes in the process. The PC confirmed that a pricing scheme should be provided by the developer at this stage. A member of the public reported that their parent’s village; which is a similar size to Gorran had 4 successful affordable housing developments.

The PC then went into the formal session.

Seven members of the public left the meeting.

It was Agreed to move planning forward on the Agenda.


PA17/07052: Mr A Lopes, Naver Developments Ltd. Land North West of Meadowside, Gorran. Erection of 20 dwellings ( 11 affordable and 9 open market dwellings)

Full Application

18 online objections

9 online support

1 letter of support (also online)

1 letter of objection (also online)

Mr Bulled proposed objection –

A residential development of this scale would in effect virtually double the size of the village and have an adverse effect on the tranquil rural nature of Gorran Churchtown.

The proposed development is on a greenfield site in an AONB which should not be sacrificed as this is a valued asset and the development would leave the door open to further development.

There is little or no requirement for either type of housing proposed

The development entrance would cause a substantial increase in traffic movement in an already busy restricted road.

Mr Bunney proposed support, as there is clearly a need.

Statement to be included with supporting comment.

The mix of affordable houses needs to be clarified as there is a difference between the site plan and proposal statement.

Road calming is required. An intense survey should be carried out by Highways officials and a solution sought.

A requirement for an in-depth analysis of proposed sewage system. Will it lead into the current main system, as there are concerns that it is currently at full capacity?

Design and form. Naver Properties previously agreed with the PC to change the proposed cladding, to hung slate which was agreed to be more in keeping with the surrounding area.

Emphasis must be put on the affordable houses being truly affordable.

The PC require to be heavily involved with the development of the106 agreement, to ensure the affordable homes are affordable and priority is given to local people.

Landscaping must be of upmost importance.

Can a condition be placed on the open market houses, that they are only purchased as a primary residence?

The development to be restricted to current site and not to be extended.

 The PC Supported the application – Mr Bulled and Mrs Hart against

Nine members of the public left the meeting

PA17/08629: Mr and Mrs Fullerton, Cotna House, Cotna Lane, Gorran Proposed 2.5 meter single storey extension to existing kitchen extension on Grade II listed building.

Full Application Support

 PA17/08803: Mrs Maria Hipgrave, 2 The Cottages, Canton Street Works to trees subject to a tree preservation order. Crown lift group of Elms 6 meters and fell 2 further Elms.

Tree Preservation Order Support with co-operation of local tree officer.

PA17/00020/NDP: Mevagissey Parish Council, Mevagissey Plan proposal submitted for Mevagissey Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Neighbourhood Development Plan

Support particularly the section that gives priority for new homes for permanent residents, rather than as second homes.

PA17/08847: Mr Robert Browning, Brambledene, Quilver Close Conversion of flat roof to balcony and extension of front porch.

Full Application Support

 PA17/09225: Mr and Mrs Piers and Emma Thompson, Trevascus Farm, Gorran Proposed new extension attached to the West of the existing Farmhouse. Existing roof to be reslated. Existing chimneys removed. Full refurbishment of existing Farmhouse. New access track to North side of Farmhouse. Various external works.

Full Application No Objections

 Cornwall Council Planning decisions

 PA17/07135: Mr Parkhouse, Treveor Farm.                                                    Approved

PA17/07776: Mrs Maria Hipgrave, 2 The Cottages, Canton Street                 Withdrawn

PA17/06943: Mr Graham Schofield, Treveague Farm Campsite                     Withdrawn


The minutes were then Agreed


5.1 Portheast Close – Flooding

Following their invitation to a site meeting SWW understood the concerns for the residents, however they had previously undertaken an investigation on the surface water pipe and determined that it does not connect with any SWW apparatus. As a result of this SWW were unable to intervene in this private situation. They suggested that regarding the matter of private contractors, if Clearflow had been unsuccessful in clearing the drain it may be advisable for the residents to contact Glanville Environmental who carryout more specialist work on the sewer network.

Following the site meeting, Highways could find no evidence that the drainage line connects to the highway drainage on Portheast Way following a recently carried out a drainage survey. A plan provided by South West Water recently showed a drainage line to commence at a property called ‘Woodstock’.

They suggested that residents will need to pay a drainage contractor to carry out a survey and thorough cleanse of the drainage system through Portheast Close, which is an unadopted road and therefore not maintainable by the highway authority. Unfortunately, they are unable to spend public funds doing so.

County Councillor Mustoe reported that he and Mr Bulled met with residents, the Highways Manager and the Highways Steward and confirmed that Highways had carried out a CCTV drain scan beforehand and sent the data on afterward. They have also arranged, at his insistence, to carry out a dye flush down the council drains to see if any goes into the Portheast Close ones. He is waiting for this to be arranged. Noted

 5.2 Gorran Green – Site Visit

Heligan are unable to visit on a Saturday as they are thinly staffed on these days.

The Clerk to arrange a meeting on Monday 16th October. Agreed

5.3 College Link Bus

Truro College thanked the PC for alerting them to the fact that the link bus did not have enough capacity, for the students on their first day of attendance and reported that the link bus from Gorran, is a Cornwall Council service and only they would be able to make alterations to that contract.

Geoff Brown Cabinet Member responsible for Transport – Thanked the PC for their letter and is happy to confirm that all options will be considered going forward beyond 2018. Noted

5.4 National Trust – Coastpath Improvements

The National Trust appreciate the PC’s positive comments. Noted

 5.5 Sanctuary Woods

The Woodland Trust thanked the PC for their information feedback, which is very helpful and much appreciated.  They were aware of the broken gate which has now been repaired. Noted

5.6 Seaview International – Planning Application

The Planning Officer noted the comments received regarding the Seaview application and the PC’s objections and also note the request for a meeting with the AONB, National Trust and residents. As the case officer, they would not have any involvement in such a meeting. The PC decided to request a meeting if Cornwall Planning recommend the application for approval. Agreed

Seaview International are very happy to meet with the Parish Councillors, along with the statutory consultees that may wish to attend, as they do believe that they have a well thought through application, that has the support of key consultees, such as the AONB Unit, and it would be good to see if they could put their application forward again and answer the questions and concerns raised. They informed the PC that they have recently been awarded the David Bellamy “Gold” Award for Conservation at Seaview International and have also attained additional accolades in 2017 for being Honey Bee Friendly and for our hedgerows as well.

The Clerk to arrange a meeting with the Planning Officer. Agreed

5.7 Seaview International Park Entrance – Advertising

Seaview reported that they take residents’ concerns seriously, and have made some alterations to their advertising boards. They have removed ‘Pizza’ a board. They asked for the PC to let them know if they can be of any further help, Noted

5.8 The Limekiln – Disabled Access

The Limekiln Trustees have inspected the area and have reluctantly concluded that it is not feasible to provide disabled access to the Limekiln. The gradient would require a sloping ramp which would both impede access to the surgery entrance and also the length required would reach the road.

The Limekiln Trust to be asked if it would be possible to install handrails instead. Agreed

Further Matters Arising

Highways – Quilver Close

A resident of Quilver Close asked for the PC’s support regarding the footpath that they have asked Highways to clear. The gullies have been cleared by Cormac but the pathway between the two parts of Quilver Close is now so covered in moss, two people have slipped and fallen in the last week.

To be reported to Highways Agreed


6.1 Footpaths.

The Maintenance contractor to be asked to repaint the bottom finger sign on the Hemmick to Boswinger path. Agreed

It was confirmed that the footpath from Porteast Close to Bell Hill is not included on the definitive list of footpaths Agreed

6.2 Beach.

Nothing to report

6.3 General Purposes

Nothing to report Agreed

 6.4 Public Convenience

Seaview paid £2,000 earlier this year to advertise in the toilets and asked if it would this still be the same for 2018? They report that although they are keen to remain involved, and to help support, they feel that they currently do not seem to be popular within the community, so are not sure that people would appreciate seeing Seaview International’s name on display, for another year.

The PC felt this was not the case and would be delighted for them to continue to advertise in the toilets and very much appreciate their support. The PC had also received positive feedback regarding their adverts. Agreed


The Mermaid £250

Ray Storey £50

Mrs Parke £200 from her plant sale.

The Clerk hadn’t managed to make contact the plumber for a quote for the flushes. The Clerk to try to contact him again. Agreed

 The Cleaning contractor to be requested to clean the woodwork and gullies of the toilets. Agreed

 The winter cleaning rota has begun and Ms Lobb has bought some new cleaning equipment. Noted

 The Clerk to send a list of people who have donated towards the toilets, to the Parish Magazine. Agreed


 7.1 Beach Cleaning Payments – Thank you’s

Gorran & District Community Bus, Gorran Pre-School, Gorran School PTA, St Goran Rowing Club, Friends of the First Responders, The Friends of St Goran, St Just & St Michael and The Playing Field Trust Noted

7.2 GHHT – Beach Slipway Extension Proposal

During periods of high tides much of the area leading up to the cobbled slipway on Gorran Haven beach is washed away thus restricting access to the beach by boat owners as there is a considerable drop and trailers ‘bottom out’ before their wheels touch sand.To eliminate this Gorran Haven Harbour Trust propose an extension to the slipway by way of adding concrete to a depth that won’t be washed away and size that will enable easy access to the beach by boat owners and asked permission from the PC to undertake the work, which they have received many donations and pledges both financial and labour. If the PC are also able to contribute with a donation towards the work, it would be most appreciated. The work would be carried out at a time so as to minimize disruption to people wishing to use the beach but also when the tides / weather is in our favour.

The PC felt this was a great idea and are very happy to support the GHHT and if the project becomes short of funds please make a request for a donation. Agreed

7.3 The Local Government Boundary Commission for England – Consultation on Division Boundaries for Cornwall

A twenty-one-week public consultation during which the Commission is inviting proposals for new division arrangements, will close on 19 February 2018. Draft recommendations will be published in May 2018. There will then be a further period of consultation on the draft recommendations. Final recommendations are expected to be published in October 2018 and the new electoral arrangements will come into effect at the local elections in 2021. The electoral review will recommend new electoral arrangements for Cornwall. It will propose:

  •  The total number of councillors elected to the council in the future
    •    The number of divisions
    •    The number of councillors representing each division
    •    Division boundaries
    •    Names of divisions

The PC are invited to recommend where new division patterns should be drawn.

There is more info on the website and the Boundary Commission Portal. Noted

7.4 Cornwall Council’s Neighbourhood’s and Public Protection – Project Griffin

An invitation to attend Project Griffin Awareness Sessions which will be presented by Devon and Cornwall Police at: Liskeard Town Council Office, Wednesday 8th November 2017, 6.00pm – 8.00pm. Project Griffin is a national counter terrorism awareness initiative for business and event organisers. Noted

7.5 Newsletters

AONB latest news & events, Rural Services Network Weekly Digest, Weekly Bathing Water Results, Neighbourhood Planning E-Bulletin, CALC Monthly E- Newsletter, Steve Double October Enews. Noted

 7.6 Further Correspondence

St Goran Church – A Parish Nurse for St Goran, and St Michael, Caerhays

St Goran PCC sent a vision statement regarding the employment of a Parish Nurse and a draft article for the Parish Magazine.

The PCC’s vision is to provide a Parish Nurse to help people in the community achieve optimum health and wellbeing. The Nurse will initially be employed for two days per week for three years and will be employed by the PCC.

The PCC plan to raise £48,000 to fund a Parish Nurse for three years with the intention of them commencing on 1st September 2018

Councillors are welcome to attend a meeting to discuss the matter in The West End Room in St Goran Church at 11.15am on Sunday 8th October.

The PC felt this was a fantastic idea and fully support the PCC’s proposal and wish them every success. Agreed

BC17/02393/UAW Building Works to Garages To The NW Of Hilldale Gorran Haven

Cornwall Council Building Control are investigating the above in the respect of the Building Regulations and ask if the PC if they know the name and address of the owners.

The Clerk to pass on the information Agreed



                           PAYMENTS                                                                           RECEIPTS       


AJH Services Toilet Cleaning       £354.56           Mr Gardiner Toilet donation           £60.00

S Spence Grasscutting                 £469.65        The Beachcomber toilet donation £100.00

Biffa Beach Waste Removal         £1,457.29         Mrs Wright Toilet donation         £100.00

Grant Thornton Annual Return     £240.00     Cornwall Council 2nd 1/2 Precept £8,944.17

Mrs LCV Pothecary     Clerks salary    £433.29     Mr Storey Kayak Contract     £650.00

Mrs LCV Pothecary Clerks Expenses £59.66        Mr Storey Toilet donation         £50.00

Mrs LCV Pothecary Clerks Purchases £10.54       Toilet Donation Boxes             £254.40

TOTAL £3,098.54                    TOTAL £10,408.57

All the Bills for August have been paid. Agree to pay the bills for September. The Clerk presented the actual receipts and payments to date, which were compared with the yearly budget. Agreed

The bank reconciliation was verified. Agreed


The Clerk to look into comparing water provider prices. Agreed

Beach Cleaning and Waste removal to be included on the November agenda Agreed

  1. Armistice Service Arrangements

Mr Bullen will be invited to lay the wreath for the Armistice service on behalf of the PC and £70 including the cost of the wreath will be donated to the Poppy Appeal. Agreed

  1. Risk Assessment Review

Risk Assessment was reviewed and Agreed

  1. Parish Problems

No Parish Problems to report.

The meeting closed at 9.40pm



MINUTES OF A MEETING of the St Goran Parish Council held on 7th September 2017 in the Old School Rooms at 7.30pm. with Mr P Grose in the Chair. 

Present were Messrs Ayres, Bulled, Bunney, G Husband, White, Dr Dunne, Ms Lobb, Mrs Hart, County Councillor Mustoe and eleven members of the public.


Mr Lobb


The Clerk – 7.5 College Link Bus

Mr Grose – Planning PA17/06001






A member of the public urged the PC to keep the stream running along its current route, on the slipway as it has always followed this course. She also asked if there had been any news regarding the Canton Street garages. The PC confirmed that it had been reported to Planning Enforcement. The PC were asked if the Limekiln could install disabled access. Concerns were raised regarding parking at the Triangle, as recent parking had caused the road to become blocked. It was suggested that boulders could be placed on the verge to prevent parking.

Influence Planning Consultancy attended the meeting, to put forward their objection, to the Seaview Planning Application. They were of the opinion that CC were treating it as a major planning application and planning policy states that, most major applications should be refused in an AONB. They were surprised that the AONB hadn’t objected. The application states it’s a low impact scheme, but Influence Planning felt this not to be the case; because the caravans would effectively be permanent structures and they were concerned whether the landscape would recover.

Seaview stated that they had worked closely with the AONB, who were pleased with their proposed scheme. Seaview’s intentions are to stretch the holiday season from the 6 weeks summer holidays, to all year-round occupancy and believe the proposed scheme would enhance their business and maintain employment throughout the year.

The largest caravans would occupy approximately one quarter of the proposed 46 sites and would measure 42ft long x 22ft wide. It is estimated that each caravan would last about 10-12 years and would be replaced by a new unit, when required. Seaview currently have permission for touring pitches to be used all year. A neighbour to the site raised their concerns about the caravans being sold as second homes. Seaview stated that most owners sublet to holiday makers. The resident was concerned that currently during the off season, the site effectively returns to a green field site, which would no longer happen if the application was successful.

Residents of Portheast Close raised their extreme concerns regarding flooding issues, in the Close. There is a major blockage in one of the drains, resulting in severe flooding, during adverse weather. They have had many correspondences with Highways, South West Water and the Environment Agency, who all state they are not responsible for the drain. The residents feel it is only a matter of time before their properties, become flooded. The residents paid for Clear Flow to unblock the drain, but they were unsuccessful, as their equipment wasn’t large enough to remove the blockage. Clear Flow stated at the time that, their maps showed that the drain belongs to Highways. County Councillor Mustoe has also been in correspondence with all the agencies, to try to resolve the situation.

Another member of the public asked about the recent change to the local bus service timetable. County Councillor Mustoe reported that the new timetable had been reviewed and put back nearer to the original timetable and is due to be instated very soon.

The PC then went into the formal session.


The minutes were then Agreed

It was Agreed to move planning forward on the Agenda.


Dr Dunne as Chair

PA17/06001: Mr J Donald, South West Holiday Parks, Seaview International, Boswinger. Change of use of land from touring pitches to the stationing of maximum of 46 static caravans.

Full Application

3 online objections

Objection – Mr Ayres abstained, Mr Grose no vote

A major development in an AONB on the Heritage Coast. The proposal is of a permanent nature, replacing touring pitches with static caravans. Over development of a rural location, in relation to the small hamlet of Boswinger. Proposal creates structures to be in situ all year round, where at present occupation of the site is only during the holiday season, returning the area to a greenfield site during the winter season. The PC would like to request a site visit between themselves, AONB Officers, the National Trust and local residents.

Mr Grose resumed his position as chair.

PA17/07135: Mr Parkhouse, Treveor Farm. Replacement of large shed which was badly damaged in a fire.

Full Application Support

PA17/07776: Mrs Maria Hipgrave, 2 The Cottages, Canton Street. Notification of proposed works to trees in a conservation area. Crown lifting of a group of six Elms and felling of two further Elms.

Trees in a Conservation Area. Support with co-operation of local tree officer.

PA17/08126: Mr David Bulbeck, 15 Perhaver Park. Certificate of existing lawful development for the change of use from domestic garage into a bedroom.

Cert Lawful Use/Development – Existing Support

 PA17/06943: Mr Graham Schofield, Treveague Farm Campsite. Erection of residential building on campsite. Objection

Over development with in an AONB and on the Heritage Coast and on a highly visible site.

Pengarth – Application Withdrawn

The planning officer having viewed Pengarth, and being aware of its conservation area designation, and close proximity to a listed building, the planning officer sought conservation advice which was negative. After the conservation officer’s advice, the applicant withdrew the application, and it is understood that a revised application is anticipated which hopefully will be successful. Noted

Cornwall Council Planning decisions

PA17/06495: Mr Bigs, 31 Chute Lane.                                                            Approved

PA17/05825: Mr and Mrs Sampson, Mount Pleasant House               Approved

PA17/06922: Mr and Mrs Alan Pendleton, Pengarth                                       Withdrawn

It was Agreed to move item 7.7 and 7.5 forward on the Agenda

7.7 Residents – Portheast Close, Flooding Issue

County Councillor Mustoe reported that he is currently arranging a site meeting with Cormac’s Highways Manager and is waiting to confirm dates.

The PC to arrange for Highways, South West Water, The Environment Agency, The PC and residents to attend the meeting as a matter of urgency. Agreed

 7.5 Residents – College Link Bus Withdrawal

Following parents, County Councillor Mustoe and MP Steve Double’s objections, Cornwall Council reinstated the link bus for the academic year 2017/18, between Gorran Haven and Hewas water, which they had withdrawn funding for, from September 2017.

Cornwall Council state that beyond the end of Year 11, Cornwall Council does not have a statutory duty to provide home to school/college transport free of charge for students age 16 to 19. However, in order to promote access to education and opportunities for all young people in the county, Cornwall Council provides subsidised transport for students aged between 16 and 19 to access Post 16 education at a school sixth form, further education establishment or Local Authority commissioned learning provider. In line with Cornwall’s Post-16 Transport Policy transport is not necessarily provided from door to door. The policy states that link transport to and from a subsidised transport route will only be provided where the student’s home address is more than five miles from a pick-up / drop-off point. As the distance between Gorran Haven and the nearest pick-up / drop-off point in Mevagissey is less than five miles, there is no entitlement under the terms of Cornwall’s policy for link transport to be provided. However, in recent years link minibus transport from Gorran Haven to Hewas Water has been provided as an additional discretionary arrangement. It was identified by Cornwall Council’s Passenger Transport Unit in June 2017 that it was no longer cost-effective for the Council to operate this link transport given that only a very small number of pupils live over the agreed five mile threshold to a pick-up / drop-off point. The Council notified Truro College of this decision on 7 June 2017. It became apparent that families may not have been informed of this change and the Council acknowledges it could have done more to proactively contact those families and students affected. It has therefore been agreed that transport will be reinstated for the 17/18 academic year only.  Please note though that the arrangements are temporary and will cease at the end of the Summer Term 2018.

County Councillor Mustoe added that a consultation took place in 2014 that did not include Gorran/Gorran Haven or Constantine.

County Councillor Mustoe and MP Steve Double met with the Corporate Director for Young People who was very sympathetic and felt that students had not been informed in a timely manner and therefore the service was reinstated. County Councillor Mustoe stated he will continue to campaign for the link bus to remain beyond this academic year.

The PC to write to Sally Hawken, Cabinet Member responsible for Children and Young People and Geoff Brown, Cabinet Member responsible for Transport to request that the link bus and the local bus service remain unchanged. Agreed


5.1 Gorran Green Layby

Matter resolved Agreed

5.2 Gorran Green Site Visit – Heligan

A site visit to be arrange for October. Agreed

 5.3 Holiday Cottage Refuse

House By The Beach already try to ensure all houses have adequate bins. She felt it would be helpful if the PC put a notice in the Parish Magazine for June, July & Aug and to add a note about not feeding seagulls. The Manager asks if the village could have large recycling bins somewhere in Gorran Haven, as many holiday lets do not have any outside space for recycling bags. The PC felt they couldn’t provide these. Agreed

During the off season they will be happy to look at creative ways to raise funds from their guests & owners to help the PC toilet fund.  Noted

5.4 Recassa to Treveor Footpath No 17 Bridge

Footpath No 17 was inspected, and a work instruction has been submitted to Cormac Operations to replace a 5.5m bridge and 2m boardwalk. Warning notices are on site to advise walkers to take care using the structures.

The PC to request the LMP contractor to clear this path as it is obstructed by a crop. Agreed

5.5 Marine Conservation Society/Waitrose – Beach Cleaning

As the Marine Conservation Society are a charity it is not in a position to make donations to other bodies. They are pleased to hear that the Parish Council is taking so much initiative in keeping the beach free from litter. The PC maybe aware, of their Great British Beach Clean coming up in September and currently don’t have any cleans listed in our area and they badly need more volunteer organisers and people to help them.

The Clerk informed the Society that beach cleans organised by Surfers Against Sewage take part in the area. Noted

5.6 Tregerrick to Polsue

Unfortunately, the previous Grants Funding scheme administered by Sustrans for ‘Safe’ and then ’Links to School’s’ schemes provided by the DfT ended with the change in Governments and was succeeded by the LSTF (local Sustainable Access Fund) which has also subsequently been replaced by the Growth Deal Fund. There remain small local community funds which are announced from time to time, a relevant a scheme at the moment is the Landfill Communities Fund, but it is increasingly difficult and concerning that small, locally worthwhile projects are missing out because the Central Government emphasis is all on large scale economic growth as a priority. Grant funding opportunities are shared with the Council’s Localism Team so that they can highlight these with the Town and Parish Council’s..

The PC to request to be informed of any grants. Agreed

5.7 Treveor Junction – Advertising

The matter of an alleged unauthorised display of an advertisement for Seaview has been formally registered. On completion of the investigation the PC will be informed of the Council’s decision, usually within 13 weeks. Noted

5.8 Ismeer – Meeting

The owners thank all the Parish Councillors who came to meet them at Ismeer House. They were made to feel very welcome, and really hope they were able to provide some clarity on their initial thoughts for the development. They noted in particular the councillors did not want the original buildings knocked down, and hope the copies of the draft plans put their minds at rest, as this is not something they are proposing.

The PC reported that the potential buyers would like to turn the main building into 5 flats. Remove the garage and replace with new building, remove the extension and build 2 houses at the bottom of the drive.

The PC to remind the potential buyers that major proposals require a public consultation prior to any planning application. Agreed

5.9 Slipway

Cormac did carryout the works to the slipway edge, as a gesture of good will following requests by locals, when we had the storm damage. They agree workmanship is not what it should be. Cormac have therefore agreed to attend site and remove/tidy-up as soon as they have resource available. Noted


6.1 Footpaths.

The LMP Contractor has carried out most of his contract apart from some winter clearance on FPs 1 and 17, a tree down in Scotland Woods, FP 6 which he will cut away. He reports that the Footpath sign at Rescassa lane end of FP 19 has been knocked over, and needs new post.

The maintenance to be requested to replace the post Agreed

FP 1 has had some excellent reprofiling away from the steep edge, and he will go back and cut into the blackthorn more seriously after September. Noted

 The National Trust to be thanked for their work to the steps near the Coast Path Café and for the stretch of path towards Penamane Point. Agreed

A collapsed gate at the bottom of the millennium woods to be reported to the Woodland Trust. Agreed 

6.2 Beach.

The bins, benches, separation buoys and bollards are all put away for winter. Noted

Three new bin liners to be purchased. Agreed

A sewage leak from Fort Cottages, onto the beach was reported to SWW. Noted

6.3 General Purposes

Nothing to report Agreed

 6.4 Public Convenience

JP Martin inspected the toilets and reported there are no leaks as the metre wasn’t constantly moving round. He thinks it’s the old toilet flushes that are getting stuck causing the issue.

The Clerk to request a quote to replace the flushes. Agreed

Dave Cobbley was called out to mend a flush in the disabled toilet, which required a plumber. Noted

 Donations were received from £60 Andy Gardiner, £100 Lesley & Martin (Beachcomber) and £100 Peggy Wright.

The Clerk to send thank you letters. Agreed

 All local businesses to be thanked for past donations and to be asked to continue to support the toilets as the PC would struggle to fund them without their help. Agreed


 7.1 CALC – Low Carbon Britain Event

The PC were offered free entry to the Low Carbon Britain Event. Noted 

7.2 Cornwall Council – Recruitment of Lay, Town and Parish Representatives

The Standards Committee are looking to appoint to fill recent vacancies and require two Town and Parish Council Representatives and one Lay Member to sit on the Standards Committee Noted

 7.3 Cornwall Council – Emergency Road Closure

Road from Polsue Farm to junction South West St Josephs will be closed from 11th August 2017 to 11th November 2017 (24 hours) due to the Condition of the road being poor, and dangerous Noted

7.4 Cormac’s Senior Beach Ranger – Potential Pollution Incident at Gorran Haven

It was reported to the PC that there was a discharge of foul smelling coloured water from a manhole cover, located on the slipway. The pollution was running down onto the sand and then into the sea. The impact to the sea was minimal at the time but there is natural stream in the area which flows next to where the discharge is taking place. The pollution risk ended on 16th August. Noted

7.6 Mevagissey Parish Council – Neighbourhood Plan

Mevagissey asked if the PC would assess their Neighbourhood Development Plan, which has been submitted to Cornwall Council.

The PC support the plan particularly the section that gives priority for new homes for permanent residents rather than as second homes. Agreed

 7.8 Cornwall Council – Winter Safety Event

A free Winter Safety will be held on Tuesday 17th October at the St Austell Community Fire Station from 9.00am-12noon. Noted

 7.9 Cornwall Council – Strategic Vision & Economic Narative for Cornwall and Isles of Scilly

The PC were invited to contribute to developing a new overarching strategic vision and economic narrative for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. Noted

 7.10 Newsletters

Communities and Devolution News Bulletin, CALC August Newsletter, Weekly Bathing Water Results, September update from Steve Double, Neighbourhood Planning August E-Bulletin.

7.11 Further Correspondence

St Austell and Community Network – Panel Meeting

The next meeting is due to be held on Tuesday 14th September 2017. Noted

CALC – Conference on Electoral Reviews

You will be aware that Cornwall Council is currently the subject of a boundary review which will ultimately reduce the number of seats/divisions on the Council.  The final decision on the number of seats will be known on September 19th, 2017.  Further consultation will then take place on the shape and size of the new electoral divisions, before everything comes into play at the next elections.

Once the Cornwall Council review has been completed, Cornwall Council will undertake a Community Governance Review of parish and town council boundaries and ward boundaries. The Cornwall Association of Local Councils is hosting an event to be held on Saturday, October 14th, 2017 at New County Hall, Truro (10am-4pm).  The event is your opportunity to find out how this will affect your council and your community


                           PAYMENTS                                                                           RECEIPTS       


Anchor Grafix  Signs                     £44.85        HSBC   Interest Dev Fund               £0.98

AJH Services Toilet Cleaning       £354.56        Playing Field Trust loan repay   £1,000.00

David Readman LMP                   £340.00      Defra Water signage grant           £390.00

SWW Water Charges July           £549.47       Toilet Box Donations                 £979.69

S Spence Grasscutting                 £250.00      Beach Cleaning Toilet fund         £193.00

Toilet Fund Beach Cleaning         £193.00

1st Responders Beach Cleaning   £25.00

Mrs J Gray Beach Cleaning           £25.00

Gorran Pre-School Beach Cleaning £200.00

St Goran Rowing Beach Cleaning £162.00

PlayingField Trust Beach Cleaning £188.00

Memorial Hall Beach Cleaning       £140.00

Gorran FC Beach Cleaning             £104.00

Gorran CC Beach Cleaning             £40.00

St Goran Community Bus Beach Cleaning £505.00

Gorran School PTA Beach Cleaning £108.00

Friends of St Goran,Just, Michael Beach Cleaning £67.00

Mrs LCV Pothecary     Clerks salary    £433.29

Mrs LCV Pothecary Clerks Expenses £59.66

Mrs LCV Pothecary Clerks Purchases £21.75

TOTAL £4,055.58                    TOTAL £2,563.67

All the Bills for July have been paid. Agree to pay the bills for August. The Clerk presented the actual receipts and payments to date, which were compared with the yearly budget. Agreed

The PC’s Financial Regulations were reviewed and Agreed. Agreed

  1. Retrospective Permission to use the beach

The Memorial Hall were retrospectively granted permission to use the beach for The Day on the Sand on 23rd August and RNLI Mevagissey were retrospectively granted permission to use the beach for the RNLI Lifeboat Day on 26th August Agreed

 External Audit – Completion

The Annual External Audit has been returned and accepted as meeting the Audit Commissions requirements and showing no matters for concern. Noted

  1. Parish Problems

The Clerk to inform Seaview that it has been brought to the PC’s attention that advertising boards at the entrance to their holiday park are obstructing the view for road users. Agreed

 Mr Ayres praised the hedge cutting work that had been carried out at the top of Bell Hill.Noted

 The Limekiln Trust to be asked if they would look into installing disabled access to the top of the Limekiln. Agreed

 The meeting closed at 9.25pm.


MINUTES OF A MEETING of the St Goran Parish Council held on 3rd August 2017 in the Old School Rooms at 7.30pm. with Mr P Grose in the Chair.

Present were Messrs Ayres, Bulled, Bunney, G Husband, Lobb, White, Dr Dunne, Ms Lobb, Mrs Hart, and four members of the public.


County Councillor Mustoe







  2. A member of the public informed the PC that the prices of the Porthjust Field affordable housing scheme, in Mevagissey had increased from £120K to £240K, which they felt were not affordable. The PC hoped the 106 agreement would control the prices of the proposed scheme in Gorran, which is mainly rentals and part owned.
  3. The PC then went into the formal session.
  5. In Committee – It was confirmed at the meeting – was added to the minute.

The minutes were then  Agreed


5.1 Step Cottage

The complainant informed the PC that he had reported the works to Cornwall Council. Noted

5.2 Memorial Hall – Parking

The member of the public assumed that the Memorial Hall would adhere to all conditions contained in planning applications C2/04/00574 and PA11/03090 that have not been removed by permission granted in planning application PA11/10034. He trusted that he will not have to contact the PC again over this issue and considered it closed.

He thanked the PC for getting this assurance for residents living near to the hall from the management committee. Noted

5.3 Dogs on Beach

A visitor felt that the PC’s response was not reasonable or acceptable and was of the opinion that lack of resources is not a good enough reason for failure to enforce the PC’s own rules. Following requests to escalate his complaint and for a copy of the PC’s complaints procedure, a copy of the minutes of the discussion, contact details of the Chairman and the latest approved accounts the Clerk contact CALC who assisted in a response to the visitor. He was asked to send the PC details of his complaint prior to the meeting where it would be considered. He was advised that there is no dog control order or similar in place on the beach and the PC has no powers to manage or enforce any action against dog owners using the land; the notices are a polite request to owners to act responsibly. Mr Wilkinson did not escalate his compliant by the given date; therefore the PC felt it had been dealt with satisfactorily. Noted

5.4 Gorran Green

Heligans Head of Gardens and Estates is happy for himself or one of his teams to attend a site meeting. Noted

5.5 Safer Route to School

The Fencing Contractor, remedied the concern that had been raised by the Head of Gorran School, regarding the positioning of the new barbed wire. The barbed wire had originally been wrapped around the outside of the gate post at a dangerous height near to the school entrance. Noted

5.6 Gorran Green Layby – Parking

The residents have no intention of causing any upset and only park in the layby when there are no other places to park, near their home. Since the flats have been occupied, there have been fewer places to park and they have more cars due to their children now driving. They try to keep their cars on their drive way, but when it’s full and there is nowhere else to park, they have no choice but to park in the layby. They asked if the PC could suggest where they should park.

The PC to thank the residents for their response. Noted

5.7 Refuse at Trelispen

The Tenant has been given a black bin, which has resolved the problem. Noted

5.8 Garages at Canton Street

Planning Enforcement already have an existing case under EN17/01331 alleged conversion of two garages into a workshop. They confirmed that the case has been formally registered and on completion of the investigation the PC will be informed of the Council’s decision, usually within 13 weeks.

The Clerk to report to Planning Enforcement that the PC are concerned regarding Health and Safety, due to the Gable end not being underpinned. Agreed

5.9 Vault Beach

The Trustees of the Lamledra Hart Trust, share the PC’s concerns about the problems with recurrent harassment, stemming from some of the nudist users of the far end of the beach. The co-owners of Lamledra House own the beach above highwater mark, according to the National Trust and family records. Below high watermark it is Crown property and the access to the beach is owned by the National Trust. With the local National Trust officers, they have jointly put up notices at the entrance to the beach, to the effect that the beach is for everyone’s use, and that any problems should be reported to the local police by ringing 101. The notices have been repeatedly vandalised but nonetheless it seemed that until this year, there was considerable reduction in problems. The National Trust will now be putting up new notices this week. Two years ago, they discussed the problems with the police, who visited, and they were very willing to take up any complaints – as indeed they did in one instance quite successfully. They have contacted the police again in view of the many reports this summer of unacceptable behaviour, and would encourage all users of the beach to do so too, if they experience offensive behaviour or harassment. The Trust would also urge the Parish Council to do so as well, and to work jointly with them and the National Trust to ensure everyone’s safe enjoyment of the beach. Noted

5.10 Church Street

The highways steward will look at the directional signing in the area, to understand how road users are directed into Gorran Haven, from the Portmellon direction and the Gorran direction. The problem that will always occur is that if deliveries are required to businesses, they will need to use a route into the centre. Noted


6.1 Footpaths.

Nothing to report Agreed

6.2 Beach.

The bollards, and separation buoys are in place for the summer season.

Mr Lobb to purchase new buoys to replace damaged ones, at a cost of £21. Agreed

A speed limit buoy requires a new weight and bamboo pole. Noted

6.3 General Purposes

The telephone box on the triangle has been refurbished and the tourist brochures are displayed in the phone box.

Four new information signs to be ordered. Agreed

 6.4 Public Convenience

Cornwall Council only have a floor plan of the toilets and not a plan of the plumbing. Noted


 7.1 Grant Thanks You’s

Mevagissey 1st Guides, Gorran Pre-School, Gorran School PTA, Kids Cornwall, St Goran PCC, St Goran FC, St Goran Rowing Club, Gorran Rainbows, The Playing Field Trust and The Old School Rooms Committee. Noted

7.2 New Owners of Ismeer – Pre-Application Meeting

The new owners of Ismeer would like to hold an informal meeting with the PC to discuss their plans for the property. The site meeting has been arranged for Thursday 17th August at 11am.

All Councillors agreed to attend if possible. Agreed

7.3 County Councillor Mustoe – Chief Constable Sawyer, lack of Community Policing

County Councillor Mustoe has written to Chief Constable Sawyer to raise concerns shared by himself, residents and Parish Councils, regarding the lack of Community Policing in rural areas. Noted

7.4 Julie Gray – Plastic Bags, Beach Clean Up

Waitrose are to use a million pounds of plastic bag charges to clean up Britain’s beaches and rivers. £500K will be used by the Marine Conservation Society to clean up 1,000 beaches in 2017 & 2018. Waitrose will use another £500k to battle against plastics in the environment.

The Clerk to ask Waitrose for a donation towards the PC’s beach cleaning costs.

The Clerk and Mr Bunney to apply for a grant for The LCF for beach cleaning. Agreed

7.5 St Austell & Mevagissey Network – Network Meeting

Notes from the last meeting and date for the next meeting is 14th September @ 7pm Noted

7.6 Cornwall Council – Planning Induction Training

Invitation to Planning Induction Training at Liskeard and Cambourne.  Noted

 7.7 Naver Properties – Planning Application

Naver inform the PC that they have submitted their application for their affordable housing scheme, which the PC should soon receive. Noted

 7.8 CALC – Local Boundary Review

CALC have produced a report updating PC’s on the local boundary review, also an outline on the process to date, into the future and details ways in which your council should be involved in giving a response. Noted

 7.9 Newsletters

Communities and Devolution News Bulletin, CALC July Newsletter, Weekly Bathing Water Results, June update from Steve Double, Neighbourhood Planning July E-Bulletin.

7.10 Further Correspondence

 The Playing Field Trust

The Playing Field Trust would like to invite the PC to their celebration of the new tarmac driveway at the Playing Field, on Sunday 13 August 2017, at 1.00 pm. Noted

 Steve Double – Meet your MP

Informal ‘Meet your MP’ event will be on Wednesday the 9th August at the Hewas Inn. Noted


PA17/06495: Mr Biggs, 31 Chute Lane. Application for works to trees subject to a Tree Preservation Order.

Tree Preservation Order Support

 PA17/06922: Mr & Mrs Alan Pendleton, Pengarth, Foxhole Lane. Proposed first floor dormer extension.

Full Application Support

Cornwall Council Planning decisions

 PA17/05448: Mr and Mrs Peter Hargraves, Cove Cottage.                            Approved

PA17/03246: Mrs Debbie Cox, Mount Pleasant Farm                          Approved

PA17/05637: Mr & Mrs Simms, 28 Perhaver Park                                           Approved

PA17/04434: Mr Jason Trewinnard, Willowmead                                           Approved



                                                 PAYMENTS                                            RECEIPTS                                                                         

South West Water   Water charges      £776.65           Dyer Memorials Headstone £100.00

S Spence Grasscutting & maintenance £514.29          Donation boxes Toilets        £705.70

Mrs LCV Pothecary     Clerks salary      £433.29

Mrs LCV Pothecary Clerks Expenses      £59.66

Mrs LCV Pothecary Clerks Purchases     £42.85

AJH Services         Toilet Cleaning          £354.56

Mr Readman Footpath Maintenace         £340.00

Biffa Environmental beach waste removal £588.65

TOTAL £3,109.95                                    TOTAL £805.70

All the Bills for June have been paid. Agree to pay the bills for July. The Clerk presented the actual receipts and payments to date, which were compared with the yearly budget. Agreed

Due to the large water bill, the PC resolved to employ a plumber, to investigate the possibility of a water leak at the toilets. Agreed

  1. NS&I Inverstment Account – signatories.

NS&I confirmed that Mr Grose and the Clerk are currently signatories. It was resolved to include Mr Husband and Mr Bulled as additional signatories. The appropriate forms were completed and signed. Agreed 

  1. Parish Problems

The Clerk to report to Planning Enforcement the excessive number of signs on the junction to Treveor along the Highlanes. Agreed

 Crooked Lane and 5 gates on the Kestle Road have a large number of pot holes.

To be reported to Highways. Agreed

 The hedge near Highclere is growing into the road. The landowner is waiting for the permitted cutting season to begin. Noted

 The Cornwall Council owned hedge, running down the righthand side of Bell Hill, is growing onto the path.

To be reported to Highways. Agreed

 The meeting closed at 8.50pm






MINUTES OF A MEETING of the St Goran Parish Council held on 6th July 2017 in the Old School Rooms at 7.30pm. with Mr P Grose in the Chair.

Present were Messrs Ayres, Bulled, Bunney, G Husband, Lobb, White, Dr Dunne, Mrs Hart, County Councillor Mustoe and three members of the public.


Ms Lobb








A member of the Memorial Hall Committee attended the meeting, to answer any questions the Parish Council had regarding the concerns that had recently been raised following works that had been carried out on the car park at the hall. He reported that the Memorial Hall is conforming to their planning permission and the intention of the works is, to create safe access and a safe turning area for vehicles.

The PC then went into the formal session.


The minutes were Agreed


5.1 Telephone Box – The Triangle

It was resolved to use the phone box as a Tourist Information Centre.

The maintenance contractor to be requested to paint, repair and install a shelf and a noticeboard. The Clerk to order a tourist information stand. A notice to be placed in the Parish Magazine, inviting local businesses to advertise on the noticeboard.


5.2 Gorran Green

The Parish Council intend to continue the improvements to the Green, but resolved to defer the building up of the bank, at the back of the Green until after The School Rooms Committee Strawberry Fair, on 31st July.

Heligan are happy to donate a few plants to the Green. Because this is not the best time of year for planting the PC thought it would be appropriate to defer this until the Autumn and ask if Heligan would visit the site and give their expert advice on appropriate plants.


5.3 Tregerrick to Polsue

This site was originally discussed with CC’s highway client in 2015. The road is classified as a 6a road under the maintenance hierarchy, which means it is generally unsuitable for vehicular traffic but may be used on foot or by cycles/ horses etc.

Highways will be putting a price together for the renewal of the footbridge, however their position regarding budget pressures and priority of works has not changed since 2015 and unfortunately this site will be very low priority.

If the site is a priority for the parish council and SUSTRANs then they may be able to consider a jointly funded approach.

As the PC are not in the position to assist, County Councillor Mustoe is to contact SUSTRANs, to ask if they would take on this project.


5.4 Highlanes Chapel – Parking

The owner understands why complaints were made when the scaffolding was up. If the more current complaints are regarding too many cars parked out the front, he will request for them to park in the layby. He does have a sign on the front door requesting people not to U-Turn, as there was an awful accident there with a coal lorry turning around, many years ago.


5.5 Defibrillator – Gorran Haven

It was confirmed that the Cakebread’s defibrillator will be used in Gorran Haven and transferred to an external cabinet due to be installed on the toilet block wall.

The total cost would have been £2500 and the annual monitoring is £160 plus VAT.

The cabinet, installation, App and training will be £1,500. FLEET can also change the Gorran Green cabinet to this less expensive system. “Purchased by the Community in association with FLEET” with be printed on the front.

Mr Lobb has raised £1,190 towards the new cabinet and the remaining balance will be funded by the PC. Mr Lobb reported that half the donations received from attendees, of a parishioner’s funeral held that day, was pledged to the defibrillator fund.


5.6 Bathing Water Quality – Data

For Gorran Haven previous data suggests about 11 warnings would be expected throughout the bathing season in May – September 2017. Past data over the last 4 years, suggests it would take another 5 samples elevated to a similar extent to the one on 16th May to tip Gorran Haven, Little Perhaver bathing water from a Good to a Sufficient classification. It very much depends on the weather, whether this is a likely scenario, as elevated results tend to coincide with periods of wet weather in the catchment.  In the last 3 summer’s there have only typically been one or two elevated samples per summer, but in wet years it is likely to be more.


5.7 Canton Street – Traffic Warden

Cornwall Council reported that a few ad-hoc visits to Goran Haven were arranged, but would only be very temporary. The PC may have the option of purchasing additional enforcement, but would not be something Cornwall Council would be able to take on this year, as they do not have the resources in place for any further agreements over and above the ones they already have. However, they would be happy to meet with the Parish at the beginning of next year to discuss their needs and a possible agreement for additional enforcement.

County Councillor Mustoe had spoken with the Parking Enforcement Manager for the area, who reported that after being requested to pay ad-hoc visits to Mevagissey he had also visited Gorran Haven twice over the last 3 weeks. County Councillor Mustoe encouraged the PC to invite the Manager for a visit and would also request a copy of the enforcement areas for Gorran Haven.


5.8 Gorran Footpath

Highways have inspected the footpath and have found no defects except overgrown hedges. The hedges have been cut back and the PC thought no further action was necessary. County Councillor Mustoe to request that Highways look into the possibility of installing a handrail.


5.9 Highways – Quilver Close, Churchyard and Road Signs.

Quilver Close is to be inspected accordingly.


The low intervention cutting at the churchyard will be implemented. County Councillor Mustoe to remind highways as this had not been carried out.


The current budget only covers the safety critical road markings.


5.10 Gorran Haven Slipway

Cornwall Council Chief Engineer has discussed the concerns regarding the deteriorating concrete edge to the right hand side of the slipway and suspects that it may have resulted from the storm recovery works, to the promenade wall in 2014, where it was perhaps considered “helpful” to use up remaining concrete on site, rather than discard it. The problem seems to be that it has been placed almost directly onto the beach surface, rather than digging down to find more stable substrate, leaving the ledge now forming as the beach sand naturally shifts around. He will contact Cormac to see if there is any knowledge of this with a view to removing it.

With regards to the left hand side where the stream comes out onto the beach from the culvert via the slipway surface, he believes this discharge arrangement has existed for many years without great cause for concern. He agrees it is slippery, but it is also quite obvious where the water flows and thus slippery surface is, and with plenty of remaining slipway to walk over to access the beach, does not perceive this to be a serious problem. Clearly in a beach environment there will be undulating and occasionally slippery areas and provided not obscured, pedestrians clearly have the choice not to walk on these. He also advises this is evidently not part of the CC owned land at this point and so the duty of care will presumably reside with the owner/lessee of the land rather than CC. It is possible the former Restormel BC carried out some minor repairs to the slipway and even the stream outlet in the past, but this would have presumably been at their discretion rather than being obligated to do so, and would not replace the landowner’s responsibility, as far as he can see, without any evidence to the contrary.

With regards to the void in the sea wall, he confirms this is presently awaiting programming into the Cormac works schedule, but will monitor as well to make sure progressed ahead of the main summer season.


 5.11 Memorial Hall – Car Park

A homeowner on Foxhole Lane is concerned that car parking is not being operated in accordance within the requirements of the planning approvals or in a neighbourly way which respects the amenity of neighbouring residential properties. Another resident of Foxhole Lane has also expressed their concerns.

The Chair of the Hall Committee thank the PC for their letter regarding the improvements at the Memorial Village Hall and can reassure the parish council that all the improvements are in line with the approved planning permission of April 2012 and all the conditions have been adhered to.

The PC were satisfied with the Memorial Hall’s response and pointed out that even though they had received comments of concern from a number of residents of Foxhole Lane, they had also received many comments of praise, towards the Memorial Hall Committee for the improvements they had carried out.

Agreed – Mr Ayres against


6.1 Footpaths.

The tree that had fallen across the Slips, has been removed.

Mr Lobb has cordoned off the sloping area of the Slips.

The Slips landowner to be thanked for maintaining the path.


6.2 Beach.

Noting to report

6.3 General Purposes

Nothing to report

 6.4 Public Convenience

The Clerk to follow up the enquiry with the PC’s insurance company, regarding the SWW billing.


 The wallgate units have had their annual pat test and an Electrical Installation Condition Report has been received with the condition as good.


 County Councillor Mustoe to request a plumbing plan of the toilets, from Cornwall Council.



 7.1 Planning – Pre-Application Protocol

In reference to the pre application protocol agreements that the PC have recently signed and returned to Customer Relations it was confirmed that the PC are happy for their details to be published online.


 7.2 Local Government Boundary Commission – Electoral Review of Cornwall Council

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England has today formally commenced an electoral review in Cornwall Council. The Boundary Commission seek the PC’s views on the number of councillors for Cornwall Council. The electoral review will decide four things: Total number of councillors elected to the council, boundaries of all electoral divisions represented by councillors, number of councillors elected to each division, the name of each division.

The PC responded that they would like to stay as one Parish with one representative.


7.3 Resident – Church Street

A resident of Chute Lane has reported to CC that large vehicles travel down Church Street, damaging signs and walls. Recently an Articulated lorry got stuck for over 2 hours. The resident repaired the sign that was damaged, as it was left with a dangerous edge. The resident feels the situation is becoming worse, with larger vehicles in the street on a more regular basis.

To be reported to Highways


7.4 Homeowner – Step Cottage

A homeowner reported that recent work has taken place to the exterior of Step Cottage in Church Street, to add black wrought iron railings and various wood and metal handrails to its frontage. He understands that Step Cottage is Grade 2* Listed and is unaware of any planning applications to allow this work to be carried out.

The PC felt it not to be their consideration and if he wanted to take this further he would need to report directly to Cornwall Council Planning Enforcement.


7.5 Eden Project – Inflatable

Eden Project would like to display a 30ft inflatable spaceman near to, or preferably, on beaches around the county during August.

The PC felt that Gorran Haven would be too small, for such a project.


7.6 County Councillor Mustoe – Ismeer

County Councilor Mustoe passed on the recent news regarding the ex-manager, of Ismeer care home.


7.7 Cornwall Council – Safer Route to School

Cornwall Council has issued a Purchase Order to replace the stock fencing between the Safer Route to School and County Farms property. It was confirmed that works had begun.

County Councillor Mustoe to request for this route to be trimmed.


7.8 Visitor – Dogs on the beach

A Visitor asked the PC why the dog on a lead regulation is not enforced as he had a most unpleasant visit to the beach because of the large number of dogs running off leads. Having paid £4 for car parking he had a reasonable expectation to spend a couple of hours on the beach without being harassed by uncontrolled dogs, and requests a refund and intends to take his custom elsewhere and asks; How many tickets have the PC issued?
He states that the PC has the power to seek an IPNA (injunction to prevent nuisance and annoyance) Once issued and posted any dog owner who ignores the order can be arrested without further warning. This is exactly the reason for the IPNA legislation.

The PC do not have the man power to enforce these rules and rely on visitors to adhere to the rules to make visiting the beach a pleasant experience for everyone.


7.9 Cornwall Council – 2017 Off-Street Consolidation Order

Consultation is taking place because CC is proposing to consolidate all of its current Off-street Parking Orders, into one document and make some minor alterations to car park operations. Any comments to be received by 26th July.


7.10 Street Works – Gorran Haven Intention Notice

Canton Street will be closed for the Street Market on 29th July 8.30am – 4pm.



Communities and Devolution News Bulletin, CALC June Newsletter, Weekly Bathing Water Results, Neighbourhood planning E- Bulletin June.

Further Correspondence

Garages – Rice Lane

Residents have raised concerns, regarding recent works that have taken place, on the garages, at the bottom of Rice Lane and Lamledra Hill.

To be reported to Planning Enforcement.


Visitor – Memorial Bench

A visitor and her family would like to place a memorial bench somewhere in Gorran Haven in in memory of her father.

There is no longer any room on the Plat benches. A suggestion of a replacement bench between the Chapel and the hairdressers to be made and to suggest that the Coast Path Café could be contacted regarding their benches.



PA17/05637: Mr & Mrs A Simms, 28 Perhaver Park Extension including roof lantern and decking.

Full Application


 PA17/05825: Mr & Mrs Sampson, Mount Pleasant House Two storey side extension and associated works.

Full Application


 PA17/05448: Mr and Mrs Hargraves, Cove Cottage, Chute Lane. Vertical slate hanging to east and west gable ends; slate hanging around one dormer window.

Full Application


Cornwall Council Planning decisions

 PA17/02811: Mr and Mrs Geof Hayhurst, Benhurden.                                   Approved

PA17/03343: Mr and Mrs David Clough, 25 Perhaver Way                            Approved

PA17/01034: Mrs Joanne Chadwick, 23 Trelispen Park                                 Approved

PA17/04615: Mr and Mrs P Kerkin, Wagtails                                                   Approved


                                               PAYMENTS                               RECEIPTS       

Cornwall Council         Non domestic rates £52.00

British Gas                  Electricity Charge     £43.15

Gorran Football Club                        Grant £100.00

Gorran & Mevagissey Cubs              Grant £100.00

St Goran Cricket Club                    Grant   £100.00

Memorial Hall                                 Grant   £100.00

St Goran Rowing Club                   Grant   £100.00

Gorran School PTA                         Grant   £100.00

Kids Cornwall                                    Grant   £60.00

Gorran Pre-School                           Grant   £100.00

Gorran Rainbows                             Grant   £100.00

St Goran PCC                                  Grant   £300.00

St Goran Playing Field Trust             Grant   £100.00

1st Mevagissey Guides                    Grant   £100.00

Old School Rooms Committee            Grant £50.00

Mr S Spence Grass cutting & maintenance £360.00

Mrs LCV Pothecary     Clerks salary            £433.29

Mrs LCV Pothecary Clerks Expenses            £59.66

Mrs LCV Pothecary Clerks Purchases             £5.80

AJH Services         Toilet Cleaning                £354.56

FLEET             Defibrillator Cabinet                £310.00

Biffa Environmental Waste Collection beach    £92.28

CF Lobb                  Footpath Stakes              £29.60

                                                      TOTAL £3,486.34                    TOTAL NIL

All the Bills for May have been paid. Agree to pay the bills for June. The Clerk presented the actual receipts and payments to date, which were compared with the yearly budget.


The bank reconciliation dated 20th June 2017 was verified by Dr Dunne.


It was resolved to transfer £3,000 from the development fund and £3,000 from the Parish Council fund into the current account.


  1. Headstone Installation – Request.

Dyer Memorials were granted permission to install a headstone in the Cemetery.


  1. HSBC Account – Cash Deposit Card

The Clerk to apply for a cash deposit account card, to allow her to pay the toilet money into the bank account via the Post Office. The Clerk will be the card holder.


  1. Parish Problems


At Trelispen, refuse is left out overnight in bin bags for collection on a Friday morning. The refuse is strewn over the road, from wild animals getting into the bags.

The Clerk to contact the landlord.


 The white lines outside the Barley Sheaf have worn away.

Report to Highways


 The Clerk to request residents not to park in the layby next to Gorran Green.


The meeting closed at 9pm.








MINUTES OF A MEETING of the St Goran Parish Council held on 1st June 2017 in the Old School Rooms at 7.30pm. with Mr C F Lobb in the Chair.

Present were Messrs Ayres, Bulled, G Husband, Lobb, Ms Lobb, Mrs Hart and one members of the public.

In the absence of Mr Grose, and Dr Dunne, Mr Lobb was nominated and duly elected as Chairman for the meeting.


Messrs Grose, Bunney, Dr Dunne and County Councillor Mustoe.


Ms Lobb – Gorran Green.






The member of the public asked if the old cast Iron footpath signs had been replaced. The PC explained they had simply been repainted by their maintenance contractor.

The PC Then went into the formal session.


The minutes were Agreed


 5.1 Gorran Haven Defibrillator

FLEET will now be buying the defibrillators and cabinets from ‘Duchy Defibrillators’ at a lower cost of £2,500 for the package and a lower monitoring fee of £160 per year. Duchy Defibrillators will invoice the PC for the balance after using the funds that Mr Lobb had raised.

Mr Lobb informed the meeting that FLEET thought it may be possible to install the Defibrillator that is already installed at Cakebreads, into a cabinet, which was hoped to significantly reduce the cost.

The Clerk to confirm this with FLEET. Agreed

5.2 Telephone box – The Triangle

Mr Lobb reported that he would look at the closer on the door, as it doesn’t work effectively.

The PC thought it would be a good idea to use the phone box as a tourist information centre.

This item was then adjourned to the July meeting, to allow all members of the PC to make this decision. Agreed

 5.3 Gorran Green

Mrs Bayliss reported that only a few of the team have refused to put up the lights this year and she is sure there are plenty of others, including herself on the Lights Committee to carry out the task. She assured the PC that there will be lights this year. Noted

Jamie Trounce Quoted for the infilling at the back of the Green. £650 to carry out works including a temporary bridge across stream, plus £30/tn top soil, estimate £600, plus the Clerks subsoil.

The Clerk to enquire with Caerhayes Estate and Heligan if they would be willing to donate any shrubs. Agreed

The decision to infill the back of the Green was delayed until the next meeting. Agreed

5.4 The Slips – Site Meeting

Mr Lobb and Mr Ayres attended a site meeting with the landowner. The landowner was hoping to flail the path and Mr Lobb would then peg off the area that is falling away, to encourage walkers to use the other side of the path.


6.1 Footpaths.

 Gorran Footpath

County Councillor Mustoe was sent a copy of a petition from Ian McDonald, addressed to the PC for the Gorran Footpath to be improved, following his recent fall at the bottom of the path, which resulted in him sustaining serious injuries. County Councillor Mustoe had passed this onto Highways and asked the PC if they could suggest any improvements to the path.

The PC thought the incline at the bottom could be reduced or steps could be installed on one side leaving the other side sloped with a handrail in the middle. Agreed

Horse riders have been witnessed using this path, as a bridle way.

The PC to place a notice in the Parish Magazine, to discourage such use of the path. Agreed

Quilver Close

A resident asked the PC to raise their concern with CC that the public footpath between the two parts of Quilver Close has a lot of moss on it, which presents a slipping hazard. They have strimmed the weeds themselves, but the moss requires attention as well as the hedge lower down. The two storm drains at the top of the path have not been cleared for at least two years and are now full of leaf mould and debris, despite their efforts to clear them. They have previously reported this to CC and were informed they would be inspected. To the best of their knowledge this has not happened or if they have been inspected, no action has been taken.

To be reported to Highways. Agreed

The LMP contractor to be asked to begin strimming the footpath stiles, as they are becoming overgrown. Agreed

6.2 Beach.

The seaweed has now been washed away by the tide Noted

The Drains and Coastal Defence Officer recently visited the beach and reported to Mr Lobb that, they would carry out any necessary works after the summer season prior to the storm season. This would include repairs to the plat wall and build a retaining wall around the concrete to the right of the slipway, to try and prevent the sand being washed away underneath it, causing a trip and possible trap hazard. Noted

 The PC to ask County Councillor Mustoe to assist in the issue of water running down the slipway, on the left hand side and causing a slip hazard. Agreed

6.3 General Purposes

CC Mustoe to be asked to request CC, to cut back the old graveyard. Agreed

 6.4 Public Convenience

It was confirmed that there is a water meter for the toilets and that the reading on the invoice is correct. Noted    

The water flow for the urinal needs to increase.

Cormac to be requested to increase the water flow. Agreed

 The maintenance Contractor is to fix the leaking toilet in the gents. Agreed


 7.1 PCSO Dingle – PCSO Summer cuts

Police Community Support Officers will be cut by more than half in the next 3 years. As a result, communities will not see a Policing presence, as often as they do now. Devon and Cornwall Police have come up with a new role of a Police Community Investigation Officer, to help reduce the demand on frontline response officers. As of Monday, 15th May 2017, PCSO Dingle will be seconded from her current role as PCSO to a PCIO for 3 months until September. For now, the existing 4 PCSO’s for St Austell Police Station will be covering all areas of St Austell, including Gorran areas. Noted

7.2 Environmental Monitoring Office – Bathing Water quality at Gorran Haven

A particularly high result was picked up at Gorran Haven, Little Perhaver designated bathing water last week, on 16th May which puts the bathing water at risk of a deterioration in compliance, if further elevated results are experienced this season. As beach controller for this bathing water the PC are responsible for any bathing water signing required. The PC were asked to decide whether to place warning signs at the beach, when there is a Pollution Risk Forecast warning of reduced water quality. Doing so would reduce the risk of a deterioration in bathing water quality classification, as any high results picked up during a PRF warning would be eligible to be disregarded for compliance calculation purposes.

The PC resolved not to put up warning signs as they felt they would not be taken notice of and they did not have the resources to follow such a programme. Agreed

7.3 Cornwall Council – Planning Consultation

Cornwall Council will be consulting on Planning Policy and Planning Guidance documents from 12th June 2017. Noted


Communities and Devolution News Bulletin, CALC Weekly News Roundup, Steve Double MP, May 17 Planning Newsletter, Weekly Bathing Water Results.

Further Correspondence

Steve Double – Setting the Record Straight on School Funding

One issue that is making the news at the moment is around school funding, and particularly the decision by the Cornwall Association of Secondary Heads (CASH) to send a letter to parents of children at their schools regarding school funding. Noted

Parishioner – Vault Beach

A parishioner has complained about the nudist far end of Vault whilst walking along the beach besides encountering about six nude men, two were openly having sex. They rang the police and pointed out that next week is half term with a lot of children expected on the beach.

As Vault is a privately owned beach the PC do not have any jurisdiction over the area and were of the opinion that the Parishioner did all that was possible, by reporting the matter to the Police. Agreed

Resident – Memorial Bench

A family would like to install a memorial bench along the footpath running below the Gruda or the Footpath running between Gorran Haven and Chapel Point.

The PC recommended along the path between Gorran Haven and Chapel Point and that the family would need to seek permission from the landowner. Agreed

Seaview International – Planning

Seaview International asked for the support of the PC for a further planning application, that they are hoping to submit in the next few weeks. The plan is to be able to add to the permission granted for 14 holiday lodges in late 2015 by a further change of use of some more of the touring & camping pitches to holiday lodges. As part of the pre-application process, they invited the PC to a site visit.

The PC felt it unnecessary and would form their opinion once the application had been received. They were also concerned that touring caravans were being discouraged. Agreed

Gorran Haven Harbour Trust – Gorran Haven Gala Day 2017

Permission was granted for The Harbour Trust to use the beach for their Gala Day on, Tuesday 8th August. Agreed

Website – Unratified minutes

It was resolved that Mr Oliver will put the unratified minutes on the Gorran Haven website and then replace them with the ratified minutes. Agreed


PA17/04434: Jason Trewinnard, Nurture Green, Willowmead, Rice Lane. Works to trees covered by a tree preservation order.

Tree Preservation Order Support

PA17/04615: Mr and Mrs P Kerkin, Wagtails Barn, Gorran. Construction of Studio/Office within grounds of Wagtail Barn.

Full Application Support

8.1 Cornwall Council Planning decisions

No planning decisions were received.


 PAYMENTS                                                                           RECEIPTS       

South West WaterChg 2013–17    £14,380.28    Heligan Gardens Tourist Brochure £30.00

Cornwall Council Non domestic rates £52.00   General Public Toilet donation        £166.35

Mrs LCV Pothecary Clerks salary    £422.24     Rowing Club Toilet donation             £20.00

Mrs LCV Pothecary Clerks Expenses £60.25

Mrs LCV Pothecary Clerks Purchases £.98

Mr S Spence Grasscutting and Maintenance £315

AJH Services Toilet Cleaning             £354.56

Parish Magazine annual Subscription   £12.60

                                              TOTAL £15,608.37                             TOTAL £216.35

All the Bills for May have been paid. Agreed to pay the bills for June. The Clerk presented the actual receipts and payments to date, which were compared with the yearly budget. Agreed

It was resolved to transfer £8,000 from the Development Fund into the Current Account. Agreed

  1. Grants.

Grants were awarded as follows

Gorran FC                                                       £100

Gorran & Mevagissey Cubs                            £100

Goran Cricket Club                                          £100

Gorran Haven Memorial Hall                            £100

St Goran Rowing Club                                    £100

Gorran School – PTA                                      £100

Kids Cornwall                                                  £60

St Goran Playingfield Trust                             £100

Gorran Pre-school                                          £100

Gorran Rainbows                                           £100

St Goran PCC – Magazine                              £300

Mevagissey Guide Unit                                   £100

The Old School Rooms                                    £50


  1. Parish Problems

 The Clerk to pass on complaints to the Highlanes Chapel owner, regarding parking.Agreed

 The Clerk to confirm with the Memorial Hall Committee that parking will conform with their planning permission. This follows recent works that have been carried out, to extend the car park and residents raising concerns, regarding increased traffic flow along Foxhole Lane. Agreed

 Mrs Hart reported that the stile along Bodrugan straight is overgrown. This will be trimmed once the LMP contractor begins these works. Agreed

 Highways to be requested to repaint the Parishes road signs and mile markers. Agreed

 The meeting closed at 9.15pm.

MAY 2017

MINUTES OF A MEETING of the St Goran Parish Council held on 11th May 2017 in the Old School Rooms at 7.30pm. with Mr P Grose in the Chair.

Present were Messrs Ayres, Bulled, Bunney, LG Husband, Lobb, White, Dr Dunne, Ms Lobb County Councillor Mustoe, Community Link Officer Helen Nicholson and six members of the public.










The Clerk invited nominations for Chairman. Mr Bunney nominated Mr Grose. This was seconded by all Councillors and unanimously Agreed. Mr Grose accepted and took the Chair.

The Clerk invited nominations for Vice Chairman. Mr Bunney nominated Dr Dunne. This was seconded by Mr Bulled and Ms Lobb and unanimously Agreed.

The Chairman then proposed that, in the absence of any proposal to the contrary, the Parish Transport Representative and The Committees be represented as the previous year. Agreed.


Due to only 9 members returning as elected Councillors, one seat had become available. Co-option notices were displayed prior to this meeting and a secret ballot was due to be held at the end of the meeting, to co-opt on one of the candidates, that were in attendance.


Mr Hayhurst of Benhurden asked the PC if they had received any further correspondence from Cornwall Planning, following the planning officer’s recommendation to refuse his planning application. The PC had not received any further communication and confirmed they still support the application.

Mrs Nicholson, Cornwall Council’s Community Link Officer introduced herself and asked if members of the PC would attend the next Community Network Meeting, on 14th June to share experiences with other PC’s. Mr Bunney agreed to attend the meeting.

The PC then went into the formal session.


The minutes were Agreed.


 7.1 The Slips

The Landowner inspected the slips footpath and it is the same as last year when the PC contacted them regarding the path’s erosion. They feel that there is nothing they can do about the natural erosion, that has happened to the edge of the path, other than re locating the path further in, away from the edge for which there is plenty of room, and suggest a site meeting to discuss any other possible solutions.

The Clerk to arrange a site meeting


7.2 Gorran Green

The Christmas Lights Committee thanked the PC for letting them know that the holly tree is to be moved, to a more suitable position.

However; they remain very disappointed that the PC chose a holly tree over the conifer which they had agreed to, and ignored their offer of a donation to enable a decent size tree to be purchased. A few of them will not be putting up the lights on the Gorran tree this year, as they are so annoyed about the way the whole thing was handled. They have over £600-worth of lights and nowhere to put them.

The PC felt they had approached the matter in the correct manner and had given members of the public enough opportunity to share their opinions.

The PC to the respond to the Christmas Lights Committee that the PC or other members of the Committee, would put up the lights this year. Agreed

Cornwall Planning had been made aware of concerns in the locality regarding the removal of the tree on the Green, which they would not normally associate the PC with the loss of features of public amenity, without good reason, but this council should react to public concern and in particular consider whether the remaining trees are under threat. They were satisfied once the Clerk had informed them that Gorran Green is owned by the PC and that the tree was removed following consultation with the public, that it was discussed at many meetings and that it was replaced it with a holly tree Noted

 The Old School Rooms Committee intend to make use of Gorran Green as a public amenity for future events and had already successfully used the Green to host an Easter egg hunt. As the Green is owned by the PC it is covered by their public liability insurance. Noted

The stump to be removed by Jamie Trounce at a cost of £120. Agreed

 It was suggested that the rough piece of land at the back of the Green could be built up to provide extra space on the Green. Enquiries with Jamie Trounce to be made. Agreed

 The Maintenance Contractor to be requested to sow grass seed on the bare ground near the phone box, to bind it together. Agreed

 7.3 Parish Website

Keith Oliver is happy to put the PC minutes on his village website. As the PC are not required to have their own website it was resolved to use the village website for this need. Agreed


8.1 Footpaths.

Treveor to Rescassa is overgrown and becoming impassable.

To be reported to the landowner.  Agreed

The Maintenance Contractor to be asked to remove branches that are obscuring the footpath sign at the bottom of Cotna Lane. Agreed

The byway from Tregerrick to Polsue is almost impassable.

To be reported to Highways. Agreed

8.2 Beach.

The Seaweed on the beach to be monitored. Agreed

8.3 General Purposes

Nothing to report.

 8.4 Public Convenience

The PC received an invoice from South West Water for £14,149.73 including VAT for water and sewage supply between April 2013 until April 2017.

The PC resolved to contest the charge, as the first invoice dates back 4 years and should have been received by the PC prior to April 2017. Copies of all interim invoices had been requested by the Clerk, dating back to April 2013 together with all meter readings.

VAT will not be charged on future invoices, but the PC to claim back any VAT charged on historic invoices, once the charge has been agreed between the PC and SWW. Agreed

British Gas price plan. The PC’s current fixed price energy plan ends on 30th June 2017. The follow options are –

1 year fixed Standing Charge = 29.98p          Unit Charge = £16.18p

2 year fixed Standing charge = 30.86p          Unit charge = 16.65p

3 year fixed standing charge = 31.73p           Unit charge = 17.12p

Variable plan standing chrg = 43.46p             Unit charge = 23.46p

Current prices standing chrg = 26.60p           Unit charge = 16.98p

The Clerk to carry out a price comparison survey. Agreed

Charles Wellington has donated £100 Noted

 Many compliments have been received from the public, regarding the upkeep of the toilet. The volunteers were thanked and praise to be passed on to the Cleaning Contractor for all her hard work. Agreed


 9.1 Simon Birch Dance – Performance on the Beach

The PC granted permission for the Shoreline project to perform on the beach on 6th and 7th of July. The PC to confirm the project is insured, request a donation towards the running of the toilets and to inform them of the area that is owned by GHHFS. Agreed

 9.2 Environment Agency – Changes to Bathing Waters Sampling Frequency 2017

The EA are carrying out a review of how they monitor and analyse different areas of their work and have looked at how often they sample bathing waters, which takes part at every bathing water from May to September. They combine the samples at the end of the season to give each bathing water a classification – either Excellent, Good, Sufficient of Poor. Historically they have taken 20 samples a season at all designated bathing waters and at some bathing waters the quality is so consistent that less than 20 samples are enough to determine a robust classification.  For this bathing water season, the number of samples taken at each bathing water will now be either 5, 10, 15 or 20.  Gorran Haven will be kept to 20 samples and Vault 5 samples for the season. Noted

9.3 Cornwall Council – Bulk Order Road Closures 2016/17 – Surfacing Dressing Works List of roads for surfacing dressing.

Polsue to Kestle, Penvergate to Polsue Farm (Bennetts), Boswinger to Hemmick Cottage, Hemmick Cottage to Penare, Lamledra Hill, North Penare Farm to Lamledra Hill (The Gruda),Trewollock Lane and Polsue Farm to Bodrugan Highway. Noted

9.4 Channel 4 – Village of the Year

This summer, Penelope Keith and her team of judges will be visiting villages across the UK to determine a winner, with a £10,000 prize for the village up for grabs.  All of the details on the show and “How to apply” are on their website Noted

9.5 Cornwall Council Planning – Pre-Application Community Engagement

The Planning & Sustainable Development Service has started a new initiative offered as part of its pre-application service on a differing range of application types. The aim is to bring together the community, the Local Member(s) and developers in order to start the Community Engagement process at the earliest possible stage. A planning case officer will advise applicants and developers on the most appropriate form of community engagement for a proposal; this advice will form part of all pre-application discussions from May 2017. This will help to identify issues so that any subsequent planning application is processed more quickly and the determination process is smoother. One of those options recommended by case officers to applicants will be to work with the Local Council to facilitate an event for local residents. It’s noted that Local Councils may deal with pre-application enquiries and approaches from developers for assistance with community engagement how they wish.  Developers and applicants are being advised that details of how an individual town or parish council deals with pre-application enquiries should be published on that Local Council’s website or noticeboard. Please note that planning case officers will continue to advise developers to liaise with the Local Council regardless of which option (formal or informal) for community engagement that the planning case officer recommends, to ensure that Local Councils are involved.
If you’ve not already had a look at the Cornwall pre-app protocol for Local Councils, it may be a good time to do so, with the enhanced process starting that will encourage developers and applicants to liaise with Local Councils and local residents on pre-app enquiries for the whole range of development proposals.
Full details of the options that may be suggested to applicants/agents for engaging with local communities, together with Frequently Asked Questions, can be found in the Pre-application Community Engagement guidance note.
The PC’s Planning Protocol to be published on the website. Agreed


Communities and Devolution News Bulletin, CALC Weekly News Roundup, April & May update and local elections e-news from Steve Double MP, April 17 Planning Newsletter.

Further Correspondence

Cornwall Council – Planning Induction Training Events

Upcoming Planning Induction Training Events are due to take place in Cambourne 6th June and Bodmin 14th June. Noted

 PCSO – Monthly Crime Report

1 burglary, 1 criminal damage and 1 theft from a motor vehicle

 Biffa – Rubbish Collection from the beach

CC will no longer fund waste collection from the PC’s bins on the beach. Biffa intend to give the PC a quote for the collection of waste only. 9 bins are emptied on average once a day between Whitsun and the beginning of the Summer holidays and then emptied twice a day until the end of the holidays.

The Clerk to request quotes from other service providers. Agreed


PA17/01034: Mrs Joanne Chadwick, 23 Trelispen Park. Proposed garden room to replace previously demolished old chalet.

Support – Abstain – Mr Lobb, Mr Bulled, Mr Ayres, Mr White and Ms Lobb.

PA17/03343: Mr and Mrs David Clough, 25 Perhaver Way. Non material amendment following grant of planning permission PA16/09490. Amendment sought- Change to South elevation

Non Material Amendment.

Support – Mr Grose declared an interest and abstained from the vote.

PA17/03313: Mr and Mrs Richard Holmes, Clovelly, Rice Lane. Proposed dwelling on land adjacent to Clovelly.

Full Application

One objection on-line.

Objection – The PC do not oppose development on the site, but are of the opinion the size and form are unsuitable. The scale of the proposal would be overdevelopment of the site.

 PA17/03246 – Mrs Debbie Cox, Assentech Sales Ltd, Mount Pleasant Farm. Change of use from agricultural building to office and storage to enable business growth and dependency (retrospective)

Change of Use

Support – Mr White abstained.

Planning Decision – Benhurden

Following careful consideration of all the material planning considerations, Cornwall Planning felt it appropriate to recommend refusal of the application and gave the PC 5 day protocol notice.

The PC agreed to disagree. Agreed

10.1 Cornwall Council Planning decisions

 PA17/01526: Mr and Mrs Louise Vercoe, Cross Close. Extension and alterations. Approved

 PA17/01637: Mr and Mrs Gordon James,35 Trelispen Park Drive. Single storey extension.


 PA17/02621: Mr Richard Enos, Treveague House, Foxhole Lane. Works to fell 2 x Cypress trees

Decided not to make a TPO

PA17/01749: Mr and Mrs D Cole, Windrush, Cliff Road. Proposed rear ensuite and first floor kitchen, study and shower room extension.


 PA17/01063: Mr Jason Trewinnard, Nurture Green, The Withys, Rice Lane. Works to cover trees covered by a TPO.



 PAYMENTS                                                                           RECEIPTS       

British Gas Electricty Chrge       £42.42     Lobbs Farm Shop Tourist Brochure £30.00

Cornwall Council Rates Burial   £52.00     Seaview         Tourist Brochure       £60.00

Aon UK Ltd   Insurance             £549.29   Cornwall Council 1st 1/2 Precept £8944.17

AJH Services Toilet Cleaning     £709.12   Public Toilet box donations                 £419.07

Mr Spence   Grasscutting         £560.00 Mrs Walsh Toilet donation               £100.00

Mrs LCV Pothecary Clerks salary £433.29 Mr Wellington Toilet donation         £100.00

Mrs LCV Pothecary Clerks Expenses £59.66

Mrs LCV Pothecary Clerks Purchases £26.24

Gael Force Marine Buoys               £36.58

CALC Annual Subs                         £400.77

Mr Meramveliotakis Reimburse paint £39.60

St Austell Trophies Plaque             £39.50

TOTAL £1,735.86                               TOTAL £13,467.54                                                 

All the Bills for March have been paid. Agreed to pay the bills for April. The Clerk presented the actual receipts and payments to date, which were compared with the yearly budget.


  1. Accounts: Year Ending 31st March 2017

The Clerk reported the accounts to the PC, that had been audited by Mrs J Ringrose with all obligations being met. The PC agreed the a) Governance Statement and the b) accounting statements.

The Annual Return form was then completed and signed by the Clerk and Chairman on behalf of the P.C.


  1. Parish Insurance Review

The Parish Insurance was reviewed and agreed that the cover was adequate to the PC’s needs.


 14. Parish Problems

 The Clerk to report a water leak at Treveor Cott to SWW. Agreed

Mr Lobb was asked if there would be any possibility of disabled parking bays being installed at Canton. The PC felt this would not improve the situation as disabled badge holders are allowed to park on the yellow lines.

The Clerk to request the traffic warden to visit the area. Agreed

 The PC resolved to donate the amount required to cover the shortfall towards the Gorran Haven defibrillator, as they had done so for Gorran. Currently Mr Lobb has raised £1,177.50. Agreed

 The plaque on the seat on the platt has been installed. Noted

 The Phone box on the Triangle will be placed on the June Agenda. Agreed

  1. Co-option of Councillor

There were four candidates that had applied for the position. One candidate decided to withdrawal at the meeting. The three remaining candidates introduced themselves and gave a brief explanation to why they would like to take up the position.

A secret ballot was held.

Mrs Amanda Hart held the majority of votes and became the new Parish Councillor. All candidates were thanked and Mrs Hart was welcomed on to the Parish Council.

The meeting closed at 9.25pm.

APRIL 2017

MINUTES OF A MEETING of the St Goran Parish Council held on 6th April 2017 in the Old School Rooms at 7.30pm. with Mr P Grose in the Chair.

Present were Messrs Ayres, Bulled, Bunney, LG Husband, G Husband, Dr Dunne, Ms Lobb County Councillor Mustoe, three members of Naver Properties and five members of the public.


Mr Lobb and Mr White








Naver Properties updated the meeting with their plans for their proposed affordable housing scheme. Their most recent and near final plans were presented to the PC and members of the public. The cladding will now be natural hung slate, opposed to Naver’s original plans of ship lap cladding, as they had taken onboard the PC’s opinion that, ship lap cladding, was not appropriate for the area. Prices are yet to be calculated, but will be 20% below typical open market value, for the area. Under the 106 Agreement the shared ownership properties can be owned by the homeowner up to 80% of the property value and these properties will be held for local people in perpetuity.

The pumping station for the site will be underground, with the exception of a kiosk; therefore, creating minimum noise. Naver Properties are expecting to submit their full planning application, at the end of April.

Naver Properties were thanked for their time and they then left the meeting, along with the landowner.

A member of the public spoke regarding his upcoming planning application, at Benhurden in Gorran. He explained that an application had previously been refused by Cornwall Council and he hoped that this new application had addressed the reasons for refusal.

A member of the public asked the PC their opinion of her setting up a Middle Eastern street food business, in the village. The PC felt it was not in their remit to advise. County Councillor Mustoe offered to send her the relevant information for setting up this type of business.

The meeting then went into the formal session.

It was Agreed to move planning forward on the Agenda.


PA17/02811: Mr & Mrs Geoff Hayhurst, Benhurden Farm Gorran.

Demolition of existing garage, workshop and outbuilding and construction of two storey extension and detached garage and store.

Full Application

Support – Mr Bulled, Mr G Husband and Mr LG Husband, abstained.

PA17/02621: Mr Richard Enos, Treveague House, Foxhole Lane.

Works to fell 2 x Cypress trees with in a conservation area.

Tree Preservation Order


 PA17/02575: Mr Brian Sharples, Wishing Well, Gorran

Proposed extension to garden store

Full Application


 8.1 Cornwall Council planning decisions

PA17/01637: Mr and Mrs Gordon James, 35 Trelispen Park Drive                 Approved

PA17/01063: Mr Jason Trewinnard, The Withys, Rice Lane                          Approved


The minutes were Agreed


5.1 Assets of Community Value

The PC resolved to list the Parishes Assets of Community Value, instead of registering them with CC. The list is as follows:

Gorran Cricket Club, Gorran School, Gorran Green, Gorran Old School Rooms, Gorran CLT Flats, Gorran Church, The Barley Sheaf, Gorran Shop, Dodman Watch House, Playing Field and Community Rooms, Gorran Haven Triangle, The Llawnroc, Car Park and Gig Shed, Haven Café and Beach Comber, The Chop Shop, St Just Church, Gorran Haven Toilets, Haven Church, Cakebreads, Gorran Haven Snooker Club, The Lime Kiln, Doctors Surgery, Coast Path Café, Memorial Village Hall, The Quay, Big Cellars, Mermaid Café and Harbours Reach.


5.2 Gorran Green

Jamie Trounce to be asked to remove the stump and infill the ground. A maximum limit of £200 was set. If quote is above limit it, is to be discussed at the next meeting.

Ms Lobb declared an interested.

The PC had been advised that the crown of Horse Chestnut needs raising, in the Winter.

The Holly Tree to be moved, so it is 2 meters away from the fence.

A letter to be sent to the Christmas Tree Committee thanking them for all their assistance and that it is hoped they will put up the lights next Christmas.


5.3 Rattle Street Cobbles – Western Power

Following County Councillor Mustoe’s enquiry, WPD confirmed they were already aware of the reinstatement issue of the cobble stones in Rattle Street, and met their excavation and reinstatement contractor at the beginning of March. They have now been reinstated.


The Clerk to report to Highways that the cobbles at the Church Street end of Rattle Street are slippery.


5.4 Treninnick Crossroads Flooding

Cormac brought forward programmed works to investigate the flooding concerns, at Treninnick Crossroads.


5.5 Affordable Housing

A member of the public had written to the PC expressing their concerns, regarding the proposed affordable housing scheme, at Meadow Side in Gorran.

The PC to reply that they are unable to pass comment, until the full application had been received and that the member of the public could then pass any objections onto Cornwall Council or the PC, at that point.



6.1 Footpaths.

Areas of the slips are becoming difficult to walk, as part of the path slopes adversley. The landowner to be asked to look at the path.


Footpath No 7 running around Flower Patch in Gorran is overgrown and slippery. The LMP Contractor to be asked to trim back.

The Countryside Ranger to be requested to replace a missing footpath sign on the footpath from Boswinger to Hemmick.


 6.2 Beach.

The concrete running at the bottom of the Plat wall, has become detached.

County Councillor Mustoe to report to the appropriate department.


6.3 General Purposes

The Cemetery is looking beautiful, with the primroses growing in the grass.


 6.4 Public Convenience

The Kayak Contractor agreed to donate towards the toilets, at the end of the season.


 Mrs Walsh, a regular visitor donated £100 towards the toilets.

A thankyou letter to be sent.



 7.1 Cornwall Council – Code of Conduct Training

Code of Conduct training will be available at St Austell One Stop Shop on 11th September 2017.


7.2 Civic Voice – The Housing White Paper

The Government have released the Housing White Paper as a document to start the discussion over how the nation will tackle the housing crises. It sets out a broad range of reforms that the government plans to introduce to help reform the housing market and increase the supply of new homes. The Housing White Paper can be viewed at:
To help provide a voice for the nation, Civic Voice and the APPG for Civic Societies are seeking town and parish council’s views on various issues including and have developed a survey which will allow the PC to have their say.


7.3 North Coast Cluster Group of Town & Parish Councils – Lack of Increase to LMP

There is now confirmation that the 10% one-off uplift for these LMPs is to remain for this year. The argument taken by the Cluster Group has been that the initial rate of ten years ago should have at least taken note of the annual increases of the National Minimum Wage, and now this reply would seem to be missing the point again. The National Minimum Wage increases again this year, and the 10% offered is from last year! It would seem to be over to CALC now. Hopefully, if CALC is willing to take up the consultation, they will be able to reflect the concerns of all the Cornwall Councils involved, and ensure future annual agreements include an element of inflation for minimum wage etc.


 7.4 Cornwall Council – Road Closure Notice

South West Water have requested to close Church Street, Gorran Haven between 24th to 28th April 2017 (24 hours) to carryout works to their apparatus


7.5 Councillor Macolm Harris – Planning Petition

Cornwall Councillor for St Mewan, with the backing of, and at the request of a number of pressure groups and hundreds of members of the public, has launched a petition campaign ‘Demand a ‘Fit-For-Purpose’ Cornwall Planning Policy…’ please see link


7.6 Newsletters

Rural Network Services Weekly News Digest, CALC Weekly News Roundup, March Update from Steve Double, Communities and Devolution November Newsletter, Cornwall 4 Change Newsletter, Neighbourhood Planning March Update.


 Further Correspondence

 PCSO – Crime Report

Theft from a vehicle of goods worth over £1,000.


South West Water – Beach Visitor Surveys

South West Water are conducting visitor surveys at beaches in the South West of England, including Gorran Haven & Little Perhaver, as part of their engagement with customers to inform their business planning processes. They are planning to carry out interviews at up to 20 designated bathing waters and will interview 2,000 beach users. They will be trialling the survey at six sites during the Easter holiday period from 10th to 17th April 2017. This will help them better understand visitors uses of beaches and their views on maintaining and improving the status of bathing waters.


Electoral Services – State of Persons Nominated for Unitary Town & Parish Elections 4th May and Uncontested Election Notice

Mr Ayres, Mr Bulled, Mr Bunney, Mrs Dunne, Mr Lobb, Mrs Lobb, Mr Grose, Mr G Husband, and Mr White.

As there are not sufficient candidates for the number of seats on the PC, leaving one seat unfilled. The PC are therefore to engage in the Co-option process.




Cornwall Council Non Domestic Rates          £51.35

SAPC     Tourist Brochure                           £417.84

Reimburse Mrs Dunne Holly Tree                £199.20

Mr S Spence Grasscutting & Maintenance £664.00

Mrs J Ringrose       Internal Audit                 £50.00

Mrs LCV Pothecary     Clerks salary           £433.29

Mrs LCV Pothecary Clerks Expenses           £59.66

Mrs LCV Pothecary Clerks Purchases          £41.44

Biffa Environmental Bin Emptying chg        £474.24

–                                                  TOTAL £2,391.02                              


Quiz Night Toilet Fund                               £700.00

House by the Beach Toilet fund                £200.00

Mrs Phillips   Memorial Plaque                   £80.00

Seaview Toilet Adverts                           £2000.00

Mr Hill Tourist Brochure                             £30.00

Tregarton Campsite Brochure                   £30.00

Mr Dadda Tourist Brochure                       £30.00

HSBC Interest                                             £1.11

Ocean Sports Tourist Brochure                 £30.00

Trelispen Campsite Borchure                    £30.00

                                               TOTAL £3,131.11

All the Bills for February have been paid. Agreed to pay the bills for March. The Clerk presented the actual receipts and payments to date, which were compared with the yearly budget. The Bank Reconciliation was verified.


  1. LMP Agreement 2017

The grant to be awarded for 2017 is the lower of £868.66, or 100% of costs.

The grant awarded last year was £869 and the actual cost was £680.

The PC resolved the accept the 2017 LMP grant.


  1. Non Domestic Rates 2017/18

Charge for Public Convenience     £1,118.40

Small Business Rate Relief           -£1,118.40

Net                                                  NIL

Charge for Burial Ground               £279.60

4 Direct Debits between April – July inclusive


  1. Parish Council Website

The PC website has been kindly maintained for many years by, Mr John Whatty (senior). Someone else is required to take on the website. Mr Lobb to be asked to maintain the website for the future, otherwise to be asked to seek a member of the public to carry out this work, on behalf of the PC.


 Parish Problems

 The replacement separation buoys are being sourced.


 The maintenance contractor to be asked to clean up and plant out the large planters near the Chapel on Canton Street, tidy up the entrance to the ladies’ public toilet and tidy the verge between the Noticeboard and the Beachcomber on Canton Street.


 Highways to be informed that, the verge opposite the entrance to Portheast Way running up Bell Hill, has a rut running along it.


 And Finally

County Councillor Mustoe thanked the PC for their support during the year and hoped that he would be voted back on as a County Councillor in the May Elections.

Mr Grose reported that it was George Husbands last Parish Council meeting, as he had decided not to return as a Parish Councillor, this upcoming election. Mr Husband was thanked for his 30 year’s service, where he had served the Parish admirably and had been an extremely valued Councillor. During his time as a Parish Councillor he had been Vice Chair. Mr Husband will be missed as a valued member with a lot of local knowledge.

The meeting closed at 9.05pm.